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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingo. Master- Watching your Pokemon quickly fall behind their opponents, you have faith that they can make a comeback. Observe already has a plan in mind, as he begins to gather a mountain of snow above the attacking Skuntank. The snow swells with every hit the Skuntank lands before eventually it is too much and Observe buries the Poison type beneath an avalanche snow. While the Skuntank tries to get free, Observe simply waits, Biding his time as the Sableye comes in to join the assault. The Sableye rakes its Shadow Claws across Observe's chest, the Medicham does nothing to stop the Ghost from landing super effective blow. The aura around the Fighting type begins to swell, increasing in power, but was it worth the price of having to take a super effective hit? You watch as George floats around aimlessly, still struggling with his confusion.

The Skuntank eventually claws itself free of the avalanche and now seeks to return serve. Leaping at Medicham with another Night Slash, the attack is met by resistance as a reflective screen appears in front of the Fighting type. The Skuntank eventually hits its mark, sinking its claws into the Medicham. The Poison type is instantly struck with regret, as well as a powerful beam of energy as Observe bide aura erupts. The Skuntank is blasted across the cavern once more, it rises from the hard floor however it seems to be struggling. Observe is also showing signs of weakness, he limps backwards away from the Sableye. The Ghost isn't going to let him get away however, sneaking forward with a fast attack, popping up behind him like a shadow and sinking its claws into his back. George seems to have a little more control over his actions now, he was going to need to help Observe before it was too late.
Observe was aptly named. The Medicham was never one to rush into a battle. Rather, his preferred battle style was to wait and see what the best course of action would be before doing just that. Observe his opponents. Counterattacks were what he liked best, and Terri knew this. Therefore, teaching him Avalanche had proven to be a very good call, as the Medicham used the move to great effect, burying the Skuntank in a pile of snow bolstered by its own offensive onslaught.

And George... as Observe took damage, patiently biding his time, the Inkay was still struggling with the confusion. He was hearing Terri's words, and as disoriented as he was, he knew that Terri was there for him... somewhere. As he floated aimlessly, George rotated in midair, turning himself upside down without conscious thought. Not exactly the best move for most folks looking to get less disoriented, but George wasn't most folks. Inkay as a species seemed to exist solely to be contrary, and not just in terms of Ability. At first glance, they looked like ocean-dwelling Water-types, and instead they were land-dwelling Dark/Psychic-types. And Inkay generally had no problem being upside down. In fact, some might even call it fundamental for them.

From his upside down position, George erected a Reflect, just in time to soften the Night Slash Observe took from Skuntank, but not so much as to render Bide useless- the Medicham let fly a beam of energy that blasted the Skuntank backwards. But now the Sableye was coming out to play, and Observe wasn't doing too hot.

Andromeda looked up at Terri, but Terri did not look worried. The young girl's gaze was fixed resolutely on George. And the Starmie wasn't the only one to notice this- one of the first lucid sights George caught a glimpse of was the look of confidence he was getting from his Trainer. And just after, another sight- Observe getting assaulted by the Sableye. The confusion hadn't cleared up completely just yet, but one vital fact was cutting through it. Well, no- more like two facts. One, Observe needed George's help, and needed it now. And second... George could fucking do this.

The upside-down Inkay started to glow brightly. Terri gave a satisfied smile at this, looking completely unsurprised at this development. The tentacles lengthened somewhat. The thin arms lengthened, gaining points on the end. The body lengthened, that little fin-like thing on the "top" turning into a pair of feet- for it was very clearly now the bottom. Even though George wasn't turning back over, there was no need, for the was very clearly no longer upside down. Terri's smile widened as she produced her Pokédex and scanned George's new form.

"Malamar, the Overturning Pokémon. A Dark and Psychic-type, and the evolved form of Inkay. Malamar wields the most compelling hypnotic powers of any Pokémon. It uses its power to lure in its prey before constricting it and using digestive juices to finish the job."

"Let's go, now!" grinned Terri. "Observe, use Detect to dodge the next move coming your way, then hit Skuntank with Reversal! George, you handle the Sableye- use Payback, and follow up with Overheat!" Observe might have been greatly weakened, but he was by no means out just yet. And between that and the newly evolved Malamar now backing him up, things were looking up.

ˇƃuᴉʌloʌǝ sᴉ ʎɐʞuI żʇɐɥM




Congratulations! Your Inkay evolved into Malamar!

*George learned Reversal!*
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