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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post

Trainer Birthdays

Trainer Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Heart Scale
  • 1,000 Pokédollars
  • x5 Rare Candies
  • x2 Mysterious Gummis
  • x1 any Pokéball (available in the Department Store)
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Magical Party Popper: The Pokémon who pops it will learn the move Celebrate!
[*]x1 Egg of your choice:
  • Birthday Egg: Guarantees to hatch a non-legendary Pokémon within the player's Memakyu!

I definitely haven't been the most active as of late...but I know I'll be kicking myself if I don't pick up my birthday presents

Picking up the following:
x1 Heart Scale
x5 Rare Candies
x2 Mysterious Gummis
x1 Luxury Ball
x1 TM24 Thunder Bolt
x1 Magical Party Popper
x1 Birthday Egg

Thank you for the gifts
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