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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
Genuine question why would you come to a thread that's supposed to be a resource for people who do own a switch and want to play with other UPNers to rant about the switch being terrible and how you'll never get one? At best it's something that's offtopic and belongs in its own thread and at worst you're being really rude to the people who want this thread as a resource for their own use of the console.
Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
Due to the sheer volume and overwhelming demand for Nintendo Switch ownership threads, this thread will now serve as a masterpost for telling everyone your Switch ownership status.
Right there in the first post o.o; This thread being a resource ta group up to play together however is not. There exists a Nintendo friend code thread. If this was meant ta take its place/be an updated version of that then someone coulda said so sooner an stickied it while destickying the other. Or maybe Doppel an I totally misread the threads intent. Cause ta me it seemed like a

do you have Switch
[] yes
[] no
thing. If I'd popped in with a simple "No" that woulda been trolly an I woulda been called out to elaborate anyhow. If someday my "ownership status" switches (get it?!) to "yes" or someone in here sells theirs an comes back ta change their status to "no" is that like gonna be a bad thing? Keeping peeps updated?
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