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Originally Posted by Median Dia View Post
Uh, no, she never even implied that. All she said initially was that she was not interested in the same fun as everyone else and was thusly stepping out of this one. You're the one who's been calling people out and using rude terminology towards the folks who said that they didn't want a Switch.

My recommendation to you, Champ, is to not get all judgmental towards anyone who even so much as suggests that they aren't interested in the most recent of entertainment technologies. A large number of those of us who have been here for 3+ years are dealing with varying degrees of struggling to make ends meet on the otherside of the screen, and have to take that into consideration for a large number of the decisions we make- and both Lindz and Doppel (i.e., the people you attacked in this specific thread) have been on these forums for over a decade, and have that much more experience with the struggle to match!

Seriously, let's just keep the accusations to an absolute minimum and let the peeps who do have the console enjoy using it in good conscience.
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