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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Do you pay rent to your mother, Lindsay? I ask because, while I have no interest in the Switch, I've spent like...$6000 on telecommunications equipment this year. Even on a part-time, minimum wage salary, I've been able to handle it + necessities.

I don't pay rent, although that's counterbalanced by the bills I pay on behalf for my parents, which will eventually be all of them.
Ya I pay rent among other stuffs. Thing is just a few years ago was nearly out on the streets an correcting that drained all the money I'd saved up. That changed me abit into a save-save-save mentality which has worked at the cost of disallowing myself ta spend freely! Now I'm all stingy an cautious ta drop a couple thousand a year on games/anime/whatever like I was in the 00's. Someday I'll have saved up enough to relax abit more~ things have gotten better slowly but surely!
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