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Originally Posted by The Morg View Post
On a serious note, the way these trivia things work is there are these companies that publish question sets for pub trivia, and the hosts get their questions for the night from one of these companies. I'm guessing they have special themed question sets available for hosts that want to do theme nights (planned or otherwise). [...] I don't think your host was specially knowledgeable about Pokemon, so maybe he was looking up question sets one day, saw that they had published a Pokemon themed question set back in 2014, and thought it would be fun and draw a crowd. It's not like the questions would go out of date, right? Pokemon's a classic!
Either this is what happened, or else it was his own custom list. I agree with you that ordinarily the questions aren't made by the host but rather by the trivia event-hosting company who sponsors the host with money and provides him with sound equipment, but in this particular instance there were a few signs that made it seem like the host had a hand in the question writing or selection. He was a bit of a new age hipster -- big gauges, a brimmed cap that was barely on his head, a wiry goatee of untrimmed hair, and thick black-rimmed glasses -- and he kept bringing up Pokémon Go throughout the night. ("Hey, there's a PokéStop out front that [something something something, it sounded like he had set up a prize there?]." "In Pokémon Go, which Pokémon are numbers 31, 194, and 258?" despite the fact that PoGo wouldn't have existed in 2011 when Gen 5 came stateside nor in 2013 when Gen 6 came out internationally. "We have bar prizes for 1st and 2nd place, but those of you who [something something won the the PoGo challenge?] get to claim a Pokémon figurine for a prize!" Etc.) So like ... a, I definitely think he's a PoGoer, and b, I don't think he's knowledgeable enough to modify older questions to make them modern (e.g. change the wording of a National Dex question to mention PoGo numbering instead) but clearly the modern information is in there despite the question set being so grounded in old stuff, so like ... I dunno, man. I do think you're possibly right about the question list being mostly (or even entirely) provided to him by a third party, but I strongly suspect he at least partially (if not fully) had a hand in question creation as well.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
If I were hosting trivia night to make appearances, I'd rather look like I'm clueless toward the nerdier aspect of Pokemon (i.e., knowing anything post-fad) rather than be correct.
See above. Dude was loudly and proudly a PoGo fan, so the only way you'd be right here is if he's one of those "PoGo is great! But fuck all that Smogon EV shit " types who poo-poos on the hardcore Pokémon fans whilst being a casual mega-fan himself. ... Y'know, maybe that's what happened , but I don't think so. I think he just saw an opportunity to do Pokémon trivia, seized it 'cause he likes Pokémon, and then quickly discovered a) how seriously we the hardcore fans take it >.>; and b) how grossly out of his element he was.
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