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Some pubs around here have "Geek Trivia" nights. I don't think I could handle one of those, because you know there's going to be some spitting, angry nerd who has to correct every minor thing with unbridled fury. A true gatekeeper, he has spent years studying the deepest lore. Your commoner talk offends him! You must be corrected like the fool you are!

If I thought you were that guy, I would be the friend trying to stop you from getting out of the booth.

Morg: Let it go, man.
Talon: No! It's called "Steel!"
Morg: Mawile is totally metal.
Talon: Just like my anger!

Although, if he seriously had to look up what a Rowlet is, maybe he does at least deserve bridled fury?

On a serious note, the way these trivia things work is there are these companies that publish question sets for pub trivia, and the hosts get their questions for the night from one of these companies. I'm guessing they have special themed question sets available for hosts that want to do theme nights (planned or otherwise). For example: surprise, it's now Pakistani trivia night! Who led the coup of '99? I don't think our host was either Pakistani or specially qualified in Pakistani history. Likewise, I don't think your host was specially knowledgeable about Pokemon, so maybe he was looking up question sets one day, saw that they had published a Pokemon themed question set back in 2014, and thought it would be fun and draw a crowd. It's not like the questions would go out of date, right? Pokemon's a classic!

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