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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Maskerade has hatched a Lv.1 Female Axew with EM Iron Tail and EM Razor Wind.

Blake supposed he should be thankful to whatever gods still bothered to look his way; after all, he had managed to retrieve most of the partners he'd been forced to leave behind with his incarceration, twenty years ago - not because he had any friends on the outside that owed him favours, but because his Pokémon knew where to hide until Blake was released. Reassembling his team was, for the most part, easier than he'd expected... with one exception.


At long last, the runaway drake had been found. If Blake had arrived a few minutes later, she would've been sent to the nearest Adoption Centre for countless instances of property damage - Freyja was a dangerous, unpredictable critter that got progressively more violent the longer she went without a battle. Blake could only imagine what she must have suffered for the last twenty years away from her Trainer.

I won't fail you again, little one. I'm not going anywhere anymore. Before you know it, your power will rival even Vulcan's...


Putting Freyja the Axew into Pokeball 1/7. Thanks! ^^
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