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The Quilladin grinned and accepted the handshake, for lack of a better term, considering the Natu had wings, rather than hands. "Good battle," Manchin said to Huganin. "Exactly the kind of challenge I needed to evolve."

"Good battle," Keith was saying to Kawaii. "You and that Natu make a good team."


"The battle's over," remarked Pomona. "Julia, want to go outside?" she asked the Ralts.

Cyanide, meanwhile, raised an eyebrow as she observed the tail end of the battle. "Huh. Manchin evolved," she remarked.

For all of the Bug-types' concerns, nothing happened that delayed or impeded the newcomers' progress as they headed to the Pokémon Center. The automatic doors slid right open for Rory and his Pokémon.

While the Pokémon Center seemed pretty normal at first glance, a few things about this one would likely stand out. For one thing, an exhausted-looking Trainer was sitting on the edge of a large fountain. Not unusual in and of itself- the unusual part came when a white-finned Stunfisk surfaced nearby, and sent a Soft-Boiled attack at aforementioned Trainer, which seemed to refresh him immensely. And for another thing, the counter was staffed not by the usual Nurse Joy, but by a blue-eyed Banette. At that moment, she was floating above the healing machine, plucking a variety of Poké Balls off of it, and handing them back to the man before her.

"There you go, Gavin," smiled Helena. "They're as good as new."

"Thanks, Helena," the Trainer nodded. Then, with a glance, he saw that someone else had entered, and so he stepped off to the side.

"Hello," Helena greeted Rory. "Welcome to our Pokémon Center. Would you like me to heal your Pokémon?" Then, a glance at the dead Farfetch'd. "You've been in the forest near here, I take it?" she asked. "You're not the first one to have trouble with those Farfetch'd. What did that one do?"

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