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The first egg to arrive on this very busy week at the Hatchery looked more like a candy creation than the egg of a living, breathing creature - those who admired the egg in incubation could not help but comment that it looked good enough to eat. Even Miss Lulu had to remind herself, while checking with bleary eyes on the four incubating eggs relying on her care in the wee hours of the morning, that as sugary sweet as that pink, pastel shell looked, it would be morally reprehensible to take a bite!

It is no surprise, then, that a cotton candy puff of a Pokemon would emerge from such an egg - the smell of a saccharine carnival indulgence wafts through the Hatchery as the baby explores her surroundings. Miss Lulu provides the little one a dog bowl full of strawberry marshmallow fluff. It was not a meal that Miss Lulu would usually recommend or condone for any Pokemon, but this was a unique species...

A second egg was soon to follow - the dull green shell, tough as cement, was nonetheless easily broken through by a pair of baby tusks. A dragon head emerges, with deep, red eyes surveying the world they had been born into. The tough little girl thrashes out of the rest of her egg, the incubator releasing to let her explore. Miss Lulu's ever-watchful eye is on the baby as she approaches the Cotton Candy Pokemon who had hatched just before her... rather than try to sink her teeth into the pink cotton fur, however, the Axew bows her head in greeting. To Miss Lulu's great relief, the greeting is well-received... and the sweet babies share a bowl of marshmallow fluff in the name of friendship.

Miss Lulu sighs and shakes her head. Sweet marshmallow mush was probably not the best first meal for a growing dragon type, especially given how easily the sticky substance adhered to her tusks... Miss Lulu gets herself a warm, damp washcloth and silently makes a wish to Jirachi that the marshmallow would be cleaned up before the baby's trainer came to pick her up.


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