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Tossing my hat into the ring to ZA. I've been a consistent updater since I've joined Fizzy Bubbles and have updated in multiple zones (Bedlam, Cloud Garden, LMN and Incognito Isle). While my updates aren't always the longest or best written, I pride myself on providing progress and exciting adventures. As a ZA I would encourage shorter, more action packed adventures that could be chained together into a larger adventure. This way it would be easier for updaters to lighten their loads or for updatees to change zones, instead of being stuck for extend periods of time.

As for which zones I would be willing to ZA, I would say that I would be willing to update whichever zone the community wants.

So yeah, all I can promise is the same consistency I have shown over the past year and a half and hopefully adventures that progress and don't lie stagnant for extended periods of time.
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