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Regular kyogre needs airlock / cloud nine to properly function in an orb meta. Pdon face rolls it. This makes Pogre much more self efficient in the vast majority of cases.

That's not to discredit regular kyogre. Rayogre preformed very well for a reason. But I must say, your calcs and input don't make sense. While you're likely using arceus as a flat line for damage comparison, it's worth noting that arceus isn't legal, and most things don't have arceus bulk in the format. Frankly, 252 modest is a waste of EVs on primal Kyo, with you being able to accomplish what you need in much less. I'm also confused about your remark with ash greninja and char-y: one isn't legal at all, making it an irrelevant comparison, while the other wasn't used in 16, and likely won't see use in moon+.

As a final note, all of your points against primal Kyogre seem to ignore pdon existing, with you calcing for base Groudon. Theory crafting and number calcs are all good and fine, but you need to consider the meta and other forces.
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