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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
They've similarly announced that LGPE won't support cloud saves either. Their concern? Cloning. My thoughts here.
Couldnt agree more with you, especially since in LGPE's case, there is a laughably easy solution: If a Pokemon came into or left your ingame possession via Pokémon Bank or ANY Link Trade or transfer to/from Pokemon GO, the MOMENT that change is finalized, simply update the cloud save for that user. In short, if a Pokémon I catch leaves my LGPE save to a method not named releasing, update my cloud save to reflect that.

Yes, that means there would be an online requirement for any trading and transferring, but it solves the problem thoroughly without screwing someone who sends their switch in for repair over.

If you really want to discourage cloning via cloud save scum, make it take an inordinate amount of effort by say, making it so that you can ONLY restore cloud saves to a new(ly formatted) device. Don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to format my entire device just to clone something, much less save scum my snail rerolls in Splatoon.
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