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Inkay Splatoon 2 and Switch Online

So, if you've ventured to /r/splatoon in the past day or so, you've likely seen this post.

The gist of the situation is that a big feature of Nintendo Switch Online subscription was going to be cloud save backups. Recently, Nintendo decided to inform us all that Splatoon 2 would be excluded from that feature. According to them, this is a measure to prevent "save scumming" on gear rolls and the online rank system for modes like Rainmaker, Clam Blitz, etc.

If you've read the linked post, you know that people are pissed about this. Horror stories about of people sending their Switches in for minor (or major) repairs, only to find that all their 600+ hours of effort, gameplay, data, unlockables, etc, are all gone with NO method of recovery whatsoever, because their data was wiped as a part of the repair process. While there is homebrew software to create backups, it is still homebrew, which Nintendo famously does not like and constantly fights against like Apple against jailbreaks and emulators.

On top of this, NSO isn't going to upgrade online services to running on dedicated servers as opposed to peer to peer connections at all, leading many people to believe that Nintendo is basically just going to start charging for matchmaking.

However, the "save scumming" explanation is the main point of ire here. That is because lately, hacking has started to re-emerge in the series with this Splatoon installment. People are hacking gear, rank, league power, and more via save editing, and Nintendo has done very little about it. In fact, the one person bold enough to use Nintendo's turned eye to hack a ranking leaderboard to spell "Please add Anticheat Nintendo" was promptly banned, which, while good in principle, combined with the lack of action towards malicious hacking just ended up looking terrible. The effect is that people find Nintendo's stance here hypocritical. Save scumming your rank via a cloud backup is effectively worse than editing your save to give yourself rank X and a splattershot capable of inking the entire map in one ZR press while you're at it. Save scumming your gear rolls (which already effectively exists with the snail reroll and scrubbing features in the game!) is worse than someone just save editing themselves pure gear in a matter of minutes with not even nominal reliance on RNG. It's to the point that people are planning on boycotting NSO, and admittedly, I'm considering being one of them, because Splatoon 2 is my main online game, and NSO for Splatoon amounts to a 20$ a year nothingburger. Yeah, it's not all that expensive compared to other services, but it will essentially offer me nothing, so why buy it? I could understand a supporting devs angle if Splatoon wasn't being supported just fine with no fees whatsoever. There's also the fact that Nintendo has done nothing to improve their service before or after this service's implementation. They're not going to remove the need to have the right type of Wi-Fi. They're not going to address hacks. So why do they need more money? What are they offering? The ability to continue playing the bulk of the game I paid full price for already? Nuts to that, I'll tend the fire in Breath of the Wild.
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