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I hadn't actually seen the movie, so I had no idea about that. In that case, the answer is distinctly wrong, and my half-hearted attempt at finding a way for them to be technically correct was highly misguided~! Also, I low-key forgot that guzzlord existed

Oh, I just remembered that we don't even have to deal with semi-filler episodes to make entei count as a crossed path: it appeared in I Choose You! as the catalyst for Ash's partnership with the blue-haired character (since they got in each other's way trying to fight it) and the caretaker of the local wild pokemon. And you can't really argue about the canon reboot involved with that film, seeing as the movies have always had a different continuity from the main anime in the first place.

On the other hand, when the pokedex says that the UBs are common on their home planes, it was being completely serious for a few of them. It's a bit hard to tell with the image size, perhaps, but every single one of those purple spots is a poipole. Yikes.

Edit: Accelgor'd on the entei front by Dopple

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