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Originally Posted by Median Dia View Post
There is a point that could arguably be made in the judge's defense, though: weren't the Beasts in the Zoroark movie illusions? If so, then it technically didn't appear
Possibly? It's not one of the movies I've seen. However:

After Kodai blackmails Zoroark by using an illusion image of Zorua, Zoroark began destroying Crown City under the guises of Raikou, Suicune, and Entei in illusions of the city's destruction. At the same time, Kodai frames Zoroark as an evil Pokémon by airing a public message and showing edited footage of the town actually being attacked in order to have the town all to himself. While this happens, the real Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, who serve as the guardians of Crown City, sensed that the city was in danger and began making their way to the town to defend it.
While on the plane, she is confronted by the real Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, who are convinced that Zoroark is an enemy for destroying the city.
In the credits, Ash and his friends cheer and watch the events in Pokémon Baccer Stadium from the stands. [...] Raikou, Entei, and Suicune look at the ship carrying Zorua and Zoroark, bidding their farewells to the Illusion Pokémon before going their separate ways.
Bulbapedia's plot synopsis seems to suggest that the real Raikou is in the movie. It's possible that Ash never crosses paths with it.

FWIW, Ash did cross paths with the real Entei in the Johto anime. It was a quasi-filler episode that IIRC involved hot water and possibly also Brock's Forretress. Not entirely sure. Been quite a long time since I last saw it.
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