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Ash has just encountered a naganadel (and a small army of wild poipole to boot) this past thursday, so depending on the timing of the event (and whether or not UBs count in the first place), it could be a valid answer. Similarly, kartana and pheromosa have yet to appear in the anime at all- so if the UBs do count, then question was even more of a mess than you initially thought!

There is a point that could arguably be made in the judge's defense, though: weren't the Beasts in the Zoroark movie illusions? If so, then it technically didn't appear- but then again, the same could be argued for Entei (though that involves a completely different can of worms regarding whether or not the unowns' quasireality shenanigans count one way or another). Basically, Legendary Pokemon are tad more confusing than one would expect outside of the games' lore...

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