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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
This was fucking wild.

Have all the UBs appeared in front of Ash or are we not counting them as Legendary (also ignoring that if you told this man what an Ultra Beast was his head might explode)?
I can't answer whether all the UBs have appeared before Ash yet or not, having quit watching the anime after XY&Z wrapped up. AK2 would probably know. I did consider it though and came to the (likely, imo?) conclusion that Ash has probably not seen a Naganadel yet, only Poipole. But the problem of course is as you next asked: I don't think a proper judge would consider UBs as "Legendaries" anyway. I mean, they are to me, and you, and countless other fans, both casual and hardcore alike. But when you and I use the term, we use it loosely. We lump legendaries, "mythicals" (still not used to this), and things like the UBs all under one banner. They're all "legendaries", a.k.a. Story Mode-shattering ubers that you only get one copy of (if that) per game. But yeah, no, I think if we stick to strict definitions of what a "legendary" is, e.g. the kind of thing that separates Legendaries from Mythicals, then we would be forced to categorize the Ultra Beasts as a third class of Pokémon.

It was because of this that we ended up sticking with a Mythical (Zeraora) rather than trying for Naganadel. In America, casuals still refer to Mythicals as "legendaries" all the time and don't distinguish between the two the way that our hardercore neck of the woods is starting to. But even the casuals who know about UBs seem to understand that the game forces a distinction between the two, UBs and everybody else, and that said distinction might want to be preserved. *shrug*

But no. The "correct answer" was fucking Raikou.
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