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"Out of all the starters, which is the only one to start off with two types?"

I KNOW THIS ONE! My pen fliiiiiiiiies down the paper. "ROWLET" I boldly write. We wager the maximum number of points. I write beneath its name, in parentheses, "(GRASS/FLYING)". My teammate takes the card up to be dropped off.

I realize "the error" of my ways. This jagoff doesn't know new shit. And I've forgotten, in my adoration of Rowlet, the most famous and obvious of the two dual-typed starters: good ol' Bulbasaur with his Grass/Poison dual typing. Shyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

I beg my friend to let me go up and talk to the judge. This is the fourth or fifth question of the night, and he's already seen me so upset by this judge that at first he doesn't budge from the booth to let me out. But eventually he relents, and up I go to intercept him and (SIGH ) plead our case that Rowlet ought to be counted.

Starter Pokémon: how do they work?

I reach the table and, I shit you not, he has just finished reading our submission, has typed "Rowlet" into Google, AND IS LOOKING UP WHAT A ROWLET IS AND WHAT ITS TYPINGS ARE as I approach. I tell him we're "the Rowlet team", that I realized he probably wants Bulbasaur but is Rowlet also okay. He's looking a little exhausted already. (Oh, buddy. You ain't seen the Mawile question yet. ) He says sure, he will count both answers.

Sure enough, he announces to the room that there were actually two eligible Pokémon so he will count both. One is Bulbasaur (cheers throughout), and the other is Rowlet. One table gets angry and says Rowlet shouldn't count. Oh my God ...
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