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"Which legendary Pokémon has never appeared before Ash in the anime or movies?"

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... the answer used to be Ho-oh for the movies, but everyone knows that all changed last year with the movie Pokémon, I Choose You. So hmm. What the heck does he want this time?

We put down Zeraora, knowing it would be wrong (both because the movie's already out in Japan and because this douchenozzle doesn't know anything past Gen 4). Now to see what he says the right answer is ...

"The correct answer is Raikou."

Because apparently the Zoroark movie is not a thing. This is the second question of the night, and I'm still reeling from the first idiotic question-and-answer and his handling of it that I don't even feel like fighting him on this. It's pointless. This trivia night is already a farce. Let's just have fun hanging out with friends.
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