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"What was the first only Metal-type Pokémon?" Let me repeat that: "Which was the first Metal-type Pokémon that was only Metal type?"

>Metal type



Yeah. ^_^;

After I was done grimace-smiling at that Steel type misidentification, I set to work going through the likely candidates. I quickly settled on Mawile. I knew that every Steel type in Gen 2 had been a dual type, I knew that Mawile was originally Steel type, and I was fairly certain that it was the earliest one in the National Dex. Whether I was for sure right or wrong, no idea, but we submitted our answer and awaited the result.

After ten minutes, he announced with a wry smile on his face that the correct answer was ... REGISTEEL!

Before I could even explain to my friends a) why he was wrong and b) why we had been counted wrong, the table behind ours exploded with angry roars. "THAT'S WRONG!" one shouted. "MAWILE'S THE FIRST!" another hollered. The trivia judge condescendingly smirked at them. "Ah, a lot of you put Mawile! But you see? If you google Mawile, it says right here: Steel/Fairy. "

You could practically see the judge thinking this.

Players from all over the room begin shouting. Shouting that Mawile was originally mono-Steel and only later was it retyped to Steel/Fairy, ergo it was the first mono-Steel type to be introduced per the question's wording.

The judge derisively tells us that so we don't be so butthurt since so many teams put Mawile he will go ahead and count Mawile as correct also. Not because it is correct or should be counted. But because we the man-children can't stand being wrong and will behave like crybabies until we get our way.
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