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First question of the night: "Which Eevee evolution has not been used by a recurring character in the anime?" Well huh, I thought to myself. This must surely be a trick question. 'Cause I could have sworn that Virgil had every Eeveelution in existence as of Gen 5, and then of course Serena had her Sylveon, rounding out the set. But hmm. Let's see ... Well maybe ... Maybe Virgil didn't have a Leafeon , I say, because I'm pretty sure he had a Glaceon and the other five. Hmm ...

So we put down Leafeon and hand it in. After all the teams have submitted their answers, he announces that the correct answer is ... Jolteon! ..................... Wait, what? I am 99% positive Virgil had a Jolteon. I go ahead and look it up after we hand in our answer for the next question. And sure enough:


So I bring this to the judge's attention. He says Virgil wasn't a recurring character.

Bitch, it literally says IN THE FIRST SENTENCE of the Bulbapedia article ...

I tell him Virgil was in at least six different episodes of the Gen 5 anime. Well, was he important?


Nah. Not important. ........................ Only THE REGIONAL CHAMPION for that series!

He gets nasty now. He says to me, "Alright, this is what happens when somebody comes to me and challenges me on one of my questions: if you really think you have the right answer and you have evidence to support it, then you can have this question tossed out and take away the points from all the teams who would have gotten points otherwise." I tell him a, it's not about that since our team's submission of Leafeon is still an incorrect answer and we wouldn't get points for it; b, it's not about hurting other teams; and c, the problem is that THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER to the question as asked. I do think the question should probably be tossed, but to put the decision into my court and to make it seem like I'd be a cradle-robber if I chose to toss it ...

I say fuck it and sit back down. Not worth arguing with this asshat over this. I'm probably the only person in the room who has seen all of Best Wishes, let alone remembers it, so whatever. Fine. Let's pretend no recurring character ever had a Jolteon and move on.
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