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My Evening at a Pokémon Trivia Night

My friends have been going to a trivia night once weekly for the past five years. Usually held at bars, pubs, or restaurants that serve alcohol, they enjoy the opportunity to hang out, share in recreation with friends, and of course get a little tipsy. I don't go with them to these events too too often, but almost since we began going we have joked along the lines of, "Oh, if only they would ask a Pokémon question! Then Talon would surely get it!" So imagine our surprise, laughter, and delight when we discovered that their current trivia hangout of choice would be hosting an all-night Pokémon trivia night on September 7! I made sure to clear my calendar -- I would for sure be going to this!

Our pub looked similar to this.

Going into this event, my friends were confident that I would be a ringer and that the questions would all be laughably easy for me. "Can you place these four regions in chronological order of their debuts?", "Can you name every Eeveelution?", "List as many Pokémon as you can that evolve using a Shiny Stone." I was not convinced the event would be quite so easy, and was even a little concerned that if it were too easy that it might even be mean of me to show up. ^^; But we've been joking about this for years, and nothing was going to stop me from attending.

Boy oh boy, did I not know the night that was awaiting me ...

For formatting purposes, I'm going to provide each story attached to each of the trivia questions I'll be sharing as its own post. It should make things easier to read.
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