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"The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope. Yes, the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed..." Nyx Avatar (Persona 3)

Once a simple place where new trainers were sent to learn the basics of adventuring, with the vast changes to Fizzytopia the Arcane Realm seemed to have faded from existence. Though gone, it was never forgotten by the bitter trainers who were forced into spending what felt like years in that simplistic place. A place where no growth was truly given, and only stagnation existed. Yet, when the realm disappeared, all were freed from their restraints and truly allowed to begin anew.

Now, it seems that the Arcane Realm has resurfaced in Fizzytopia. Showing up where the old Arcane Realm use to be, this new one is vastly different then the one that the denizens of Fizzytopia are use to. Now truly a place of magic and mystery, it says the very land itself is influenced by the “cards”/ What these cards are, and what they refer to nobody particularly knows. The only thing that is certain, though, is that this Arcane Realm is teeming with life, and has infinite possibilities for adventure.

The Kingdom of Swords

Encompassing the entirety of the Arcane Realm, the Kingdom of Swords rules over those who make their residence in this mystical place. Though, the main part of the Kingdom is the castle of its ruler, and the small castle town and vast plains that surround it. It is also rumored an ancient tomb of the emperor that founded the Kingdom, which use to be a vast empire, is hidden deep within the castle. (Please respond in RoyalBlue)

0. Fool’s Path - The main road through out the Arcane Realm, it symbolizes the beginning of a journey and has many branching paths that are meant to symbolize life’s many paths. Many new trainers have tread this road, looking to see what adventure would unfold for them.

I. Magician’s Hamlet - The Castle Town, named for the power Court Magicians that made their workshops here, where it is said that all of its inhabitants are master craftsman and well known through the realm. Those that live here have been loyal to the Kingdom for Generations, and the beautiful buildings and rich populace show that even in it’s twilight years, the Kingdom is still prosperous.

II. High Priestess’s Cathedral - A large, gothic cathedral sitting atop a hill overlooking the Hamlet, it was said this place was built by a holy maiden with her bare hands to offer a place of refuge and respite for the poor and damned. Her charity and kindness has created a devout sect of nuns to her teachings, who look after and take care of her cathedral. Pilgrims from all over visit this place, looking for the sacred knowledge hidden in the texts and relics within the Cathedral.

III. Empress’s Garden - Within the castle walls lies a beautiful garden, said to be planted by the first Empress and continues to this day be tended by the queen and her servants. A variety of flora and fauna make their home here, and many of the kingdom’s artists and writers come here as a means for inspiration, and a small amphitheatre where plays are held is within the garden.

IV. Emperor’s Castle - The main castle itself, made of beautiful marble stone with blue spinnerets atop the towers. Despite its majesty, the Castle itself feels like a labyrinth for those unacquainted with it. After all, only the foyer, ballroom, and throne room are open to the general public, and the research labs, soldier and servant quarters, and even the royal family’s private quarters are often off limits. What secrets this castle has for the years it’s stood, it’s said only the King knows.

V. Hierophant's Crypt - The ancient resting place of the royal family, buried deep within the castle with an entrance for visitors to see from the Cathedral. While the Cathedral’s entrance is a tunnel with a statue of the great Sage-King known as the Hierophant, who turned the empire into the kingdom it is now today, it is said that there is an entrance in the Castle itself, revealing a vast catacomb of the royal dead, and royal riches. There are rumors among thieves that the statue at the Cathedral can also provide an entrance, but the information that lies here contains the history of the Arcane Realm as a whole, and is something only a brave few can learn.

The Forest of Wands

Once monikered the Forest of Adventure, the Forest of Wands has been changed and twisted by the surplus of magical energy flowing through the Arcane Realm. THe once simplistic woods are now a labyrinth where magic flows through the roots of the trees and a sense of dread and whimsy encompass all who enter. Though, it was possible that this was here the entire time, like everything else, and the deep magic that flows through these woods caused trainers to dream of the much more simplistic Arcane Realm. (Please reply in SeaGreen)

VI. Lover’s Grove - Named for the two giant oaks twisted around each other, said to be the eternal form of a princess and her commoner lover. Couples can commonly be seen coming here, sitting under the oaks and gazing into the small pond next to it. Various berries and flowers grow under these oaks, said to be the fruits of love. Yet, important life decisions are made here, and for a simplistic place there is often danger lurking about for the couples who venture here.

VII. Chariot Inn - An inn and tavern for travelers located at the mouth of the woods, named for being a common resting spot for knights on their patrols through the kingdom. Travelers from far and wide make their stop here, either preparing to brave the forest or just to experience the Arcane Realm in full. A variety a favors can be done here for those staying here, or it can serve as a stepping stone to travel into the woods. Though, it is ill-advised to leave the inn during the night. Grim things are said to happen.

VIII. Cave of Strength - Deep within the woods is a cave rumored to be filled with dangerous beasts. While the knights stay clear of this place, thieves, adventurers, and foolish children explore this place in hopes of trying to find treasure or just prove their mettle. Though, while the strong certainly prevail, there have been more than a few people who have gone missing within the cave. Some say a religious cult is to blame, others a demon. What really lurks there, though, is unknown.

IX. Hermit’s Mire - A swampy portion of the Forest, the mire his home to various hermits, lunatics, and other outcasts of society. A thick miasma hangs in the air, making it hard to breath and visibility not the best. What lurks within the putrid waters further cements this is a place people do not want to visit. However, it is said that those who embrace this place find enlightenment.

X. Fortune’s Woods - A place in the forest where the magical energy is at its most potent, forming a sort of myst that permeates the air. Everything from the trees to the wildlife here seem a bit out of this world, and it’s hard to predict what exactly will happen here. Some state that these woods even spin like a wheel, and depending on where the wheel is travelers will experience either good luck or bad luck. Whatever it is, this portion of the forest is filled with fun and whimsy.

XI. Grounds of Justice - A barren field, charred and stained in blood. Here war criminals were executed, heretics burned, and those affected by plague said to waste away. A statue of an angelic figure watches over these sacred grounds, guiding the dead towards enlightenment. Whether their deaths were just or not, they have tainted this land within the forest. The only thing that awaits here is grim fate, with scales in her left, and sword in her right, ready to guide the lost.

The City of Pentacles

A marvelous, extravagant city on the coast that serves as the Kingdom’s main mercantile capital. While the master craftsmen of the hamlet visit here to sell their wares, there are more than one way to make a quick buck in this city of money. Greed drives the people, and those seeking to become rich come here. Those these ambitions have not lead to good results. A dark underworld resides in this place, where the filth and muck are the last of a person’s worries. Striking gold is easy, losing your life is even easier. (Please Reply in LemonChiffon)

XII. The Hanged Man’s Plaza - A statue of a famed monk sits directly in the middle of the city’s main plaza, trying to remind the residents to practice restraint in terms of their greed. Flower beds and benches accompany this statue, and the poor and unlucky help tend to this place. In a place of greed, it feels off that a reminder to let go of things and make sacrifices for the better good is in place, but more happens at this tourist attraction then what meets the eye.

XIII. Death’s Yard - A vast graveyard on the outskirts of the city, where the dead are laid to rest. Those who have lost their lives to greed, disease, or misfortune make up the majority of those who now reside in this land of the end. Though, it can also symbolize a new beginning, and the small church presiding over the yard helps people restart their lives. Though, sometimes, the ghosts do it for them.

XIV. Island of Temperance - An island off the coast of the city, another tourist attraction for visitors to the city and the patrons to make money off of. It was once a temple where monks practiced their beliefs in order, and those that have defiled this sacred land are said to meet with a grisly fate. Though, the temple remains intact, even if it is slightly submerged now. Spelunkers try to find the treasure still hidden in the temple, and the treasure that has been lost under the waves. Weather land or sea, there is something for everyone at this island.

XV. The Devil’s Playground - The city’s slums, where the law doesn’t exist and drugs and crime run rampant all in the name of money. Addiction to money, drugs, and even bodily pleasure are common within the inhabitants, and the seedy dealings here are seen as a sort of wonderland for those who like that kind of lifestyle. Though even through the filth and muck, a beautiful lotus can bloom. Even here can some of the most valuable treasures be found.

XVI. The Tower - An ancient tower that has been in existence before the city was even built, it was an attempt to reach the heavens. Even if it’s now destroyed, it still towers over the city, and can be seen anywhere on the horizon in the Arcane Realm. Places like the Cloud Garden and New Fizz City can be seen from the top of this tower, and the halls within hold the history of the city and not only the shady dealings within this city, but also of the magic in world around it. It’s said, however, that the wisdom here is guarded by creatures of eld, and an elevator system is in place for tourists that want to see the view from the top.

The Land of Cups

Named for the small valleys and tall hills and mountains native to the region, forming almost natural cups, this is an almost verdant and fertile land. Despite the desert in the very north and the mountains nestled in, a large variety of life can be found here. The Land of Cups is the jewel of the Arcane Realm, and without it, the realm would be a lot more desolate. Luckily, there a preservation efforts to make the this jewel doesn’t lose its shine. (Please respond in Plum

XVII. Desert of Stars - A small, arid desert at the northern tip of the Land of Cops, the Desert of Stars is named for the various meteorites found within this region. While more a dry, mountainous desert than a sandy one, sandstorms are still a common occurance here. Though, despite these conditions, explorers and treasure hunters flock to this region for the meteorites found here, and the rare Pokemon attracted to them. Some have even stated they’ve had some otherworldly experiences here.

XVIII. Lake of the Moon - The largest lake in the Land of Cups, this place is rich in aquatic life and is a very popular place for fishers. It’s said that this lake wanes and waxes with the phases of the moon, and that the lake acts strangely the closer it is to a full moon and a new moon. Some say during a New Moon, an ancient temple can be seen floating in the lake, but it is hard to verify if it exists there and the lake is too deep to safely explore. During a full moon, the aquatic life becomes incredibly hostile, and the legendary “King of the Lake” has been said to awaken and surface during this time.

XIX. Chalice of the Sun - The largest mountain in the Land of Cups, the Chalice of the Sun is famed for its snow-capped peak and magma chamber deep within. A dormant volcano that hasn’t erupted in eons, the Chalice is a symbol of life to the people. Mountain Climbers and Skiers enjoy the difficult trails and wonderful slopes that are on the mountain, and there is even a ski lift to the summit. At the summit is a small temple dedicated to the sun, built in the middle of a small caldera that was created when the Chalice first erupted. Meanwhile, at the base of the mountain is a deep tunnel system that allows explorers to reach the magma chamber of the Chalice. Across these walls are cave paintings, and relics of ages long past .

XX. Meadow of Judgement - Named for being one of the places where heretics and traitors were tried, the meadow has now grown out from that purpose and is a large place of life for small critters and flowers. The beautiful flowers provide food and shelter for a variety of Pokemon living there, and the feeling of magic is strong here. Mages can often be found here practicing their craft due to the large, powerful leyline within the Meadow. It is also said by the religious sect of the Arcane Realm is that this is where Judgement Day will commence, and all of the flowers here symbolize a soul that will be saved.

XXI. The World Tree - The supposed source of all magic in the Arcane Realm, the World Tree’s roots extend throughout the entire realm. Some believe it is the very thing binding the Arcane Realm together, and what allowed it to go through a such rapid change compared to when it last graced Fizzytopia. The locals often leave gifts for the tree at its base, where the creatures that call it home feast on and use. Though, the health of the tree has proven vital to the ecosystem of the Land of Cups, and that when the tree is in danger the desert grows and crops and life start to die. If not for the world tree, then the Arcane Realm itself will cease to exist.

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