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No, Primal Kyogre sucks.

Of the 100 point boost from Blue Orb, 50 points went into attack, which is wasted on Kyogre because it has a limited physical movepool to take advantage of it. Physical Primal Kyogre hits less hard than special Primal Kyogre, in part because the strongest physical water attack available to it has 85 BP, while the strongest special moves are 110/150. It can also be burned through Primordial Sea with Will-O-Wisp, crippling the physical build.

150/180 Atk and SpA lineup almost perfectly with the damage output of regular Kyogre using a Life Orb. And regular Kyogre has the option of Specs and Scarf which give it the ability to outdo Primal Kyogre in damage.

It basically boils down to Primordial Sea overriding Mega Charizard Y's Drought, but needing Primal Kyogre on the field to maintain that rain is limiting, for the reasons above. Even if Ferrothorn + Primal Kyogre is a nice combo, I'd rather have two other Pokemon in the rain together considering how one dimensional Primal Kyogre is.
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