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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
King Ghidorah: With the goal to scale the forest's trees in mind, you return Kingler. He deserved a break after dealing with Jonah and Clarence. You were about to follow up with Throh, but he was determined to continue helping. You explian to Jonah that your Pokemon still feels guilty for stepping on the binoculars, and the Fighting type bows its head in apology.
"Aw gee," Jonah frowns at your Throh. "Thanks Throh. I probably should have been more careful with them... I didn't secure them to my bag." The kid looks sheepish.

You call out your Murkrow, who Jonah is thrilled to see. He happily hands over the blurry picture to show her. Once she agrees to help, you pull something else from your bag. Murkrow seems to react to it immediately, drawn to the purple, glittering stone. You touch the Dusk Stone to her, and she begins to glow. Your Murkrow's silhouette morphs and grows in size, and soon her new form was revealed. She fluffs out her new white plumage proudly and crows. Jonah claps in excitement.
"I've never seen evolution like that before!! You're so cool!" His eyes are practically sparkling with amazement. Throh is equally impressed by his newly evolved teammate. With preparations made, you ask Jonah where you should start.

"Um..." Jonah furrows his brow and chews on his lip, deep in thought. "I think my sister said...these guys have nests in really high trees...near rocks?" He looked up at Honchkrow. "So can you fly up really high and look for something like that?"
Honchkrow opened her wings and lifted herself into the air. After a moment, she disappeared above the dense tree line. You and Jonah craned your necks to watch what might happen. A minute passed, then five, and you were beginning to wonder what was going on up there. The forest was rather silent besides the rustling of the leaves. What will you do?
A few moments went by. Then a few more. Then a few more still.

“Uh...she should’ve been back by now,” Hugo said to no one in particular, his voice tinged with concern. “Right? I mean it couldn’t take that long. Do you think something could have happened?” he asked, turning to Throh.

The Judo Pokemon was a bit surprised to be put on the spot, as if he would have any more answers than anyone else here. He shrugged his muscle-packed shoulders as if to say “Who me? How the hell would I know?”

“I mean there’s nothing to be afraid of. She did just evolve after all. She’s tough. She can handle herself.”

Hugo, Jonah, and Throh stared awkwardly at each other. Hugo cleared his throat. Throh uncomfortably shifted a bit on his feet.

The forest was silent.

”HOOOOOOOONCHKROOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!” Hugo wailed, echoing through the trees. The sudden explosion of noise startled Throh who instinctively went into a defensive fighting stance and almost knocked poor Jonah on his face.

“Alright! I think we’ve waited long enough!” Hugo announced. Throh and Jonah had to be a little offput by the forced cheeriness/complete desperation in Hugo’s voice, but what trainer wouldn’t be concerned? Hugo loved all his Pokemon, but he had a softspot for Murkow-now-Honchkrow who would happily flap and chirp about when they would spend time together which was pretty atypical for the Murkrow line notorious for their dourness. But Hugo’s Honchkrow was different and he didn’t want to think about something happening to her. He took off running through the forest, stopping after about 50 yards to turn back to Throh and Jonah.

“Are you guys coming or WHAT?!
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