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Anyone can be a ZA for this place. I'm open to suggestions for sub-areas and new areas (as well as new names for existing areas) being suggested during this process, though do be aware that much of this is left to be relatively open-ended to allow for the updator to do for the most part what they wish with their adventurers. Anyway, Introducing...

The World Below: The Subterranean Kingdom Zone

Deep amidst the unforgiving Revelation Mountains, the Impassable Range lies as an achievement that mankind shall never conquer. But what lies beyond their slopes is of little consequence now. A fissure has opened at the foot of the tallest peak of the Impassable Range, leading to a great red stone gate that lies open, as if the cave were expecting your arrival. Past the gate, red stone steps spiral away into the darkness. As you venture downward, crystal insets begin to adorn the walls, dispelling the darkness you thought might swallow you and bathing you in an eerie, otherworldly light. After a few minutes descent, you reach the bottom. Stepping through an enormous stone arch, you are welcomed into a wide open space, lit by enormous specimens of the glowing crystals that have guided you thus far. Foreign images in this same substance cover the walls, their meaning unknown. Are they a guide? A legend? A warning? Several paths branch out from here. Those brave enough to forge on will witness wonders and dangers in equal measure. What will YOU discover?

Raudaukse City: Please reply in Red

A short trip straight ahead from the floor of the stairs leading here leads one to what should be a city. Homes of a kind are constructed from enormous slabs of red stone, and the same material forms pavestones for what should be streets, with a crest of two crossed axes carved where the pathways intersect. Despite the fact that the place is in wonderful condition, not a blemish upon appears to have been deserted for a long time. The residences are barren, their surfaces gathering dust. Surely, various Pokemon could think to live in a place like this...but, if this shell of a city still stands firm, other things might as well...if you believe tall tales.

The Ancient Mines: Please reply in PaleGreen

All of the glowing crystal thus far had to have been coming from somewhere. Finding the gaping maw of a huge mine, it becomes clear that that somewhere is here. A huge tunnel bores sharply downward as the smooth, crafted tunnels you are used to end abruptly. At the maw of this immense hole, some manner of guide is hewn into the stone walls, but the text is both faded and in a strange, unfamiliar tongue. Even as the sounds of Pokemon and other...things...come from below to reach your ears as faint and eerie echoes, the possibility of wondrous treasures easily beckons braver-or more foolish-folk to venture down into the seemingly endless depths.

Serene Loch: Please reply in RoyalBlue

The sound of running water leads you through a twisting series of passages, before all at once they reveal an enormous, open expanse. Stalactites hang down from the ceiling, with mineral deposits partially covering giant formations of glowing crystal and droplets of water constantly falling from their points into the enormous lake below. Veins of glowing crystal can be seen from beneath the surface, but the lake itself is clearly deep and filled with secrets hidden from view. On the far side, the water spills into small basins that form small lakes, pools, and rivers that support gardens of strange mosses and other non vascular plants before draining away into tunnels that branch away to other parts of this enormous realm.

Dread Crypt: Please reply in DarkOrchid

The rivers from the Serene Loch meet their end here, forming the border of a decisively eerie graveyard before draining underground and away from sight. Graves here bear neither names nor headstones, but rather instruments of war in, alarmingly, various conditions. In the center, however, a small building of red stone bears only a shaft that leads to a dark, dank crypt. Weapons again lay on top of coffins, though the dim, somber lighting prevents you from discerning their shape. Specters abound here, both of Pokemon and of other sorts. Some have spoken of fleeing upon hearing a dread rattling from deep within...

The Hellfire Forges: Please reply in DarkOrange

Those with a resolve in their hearts to be the toughest without fail find their way here, following blistering heat to an open forge. Magma issues forth from the walls and pools near anvils without workers. Hammers, unrefined ores, and the beginnings of blades and grips are strewn about. Fire and Steel type Pokemon reside here most of all, and those in search of strength will likely find like-minded competing Trainers exploring here as well...or perhaps more interesting challenges.

The Midnight Abyss: Please reply in SlateGray

If one wishes only to go downward, to find the deepest depths of this forsaken world and lay claim to whatever treasure may lie there, they will find a path that leads sharply downward. The smooth, defined walls and floors will end. The crystals that lit their way will lose their efficacy. From that moment on, whatever lies in the vast, dark expanse will determine their fates...what dread monsters await those brave enough to recklessly forge a path into the unforgiving dark?
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