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The Lost Temple-City Of The Chenrixletiqua, Tzetra-Quen

Hundreds of years ago, the Chenrixletiqua ruled supreme throughout the jungles and marshes of a rainforest whose name is lost to time. At the heart of the vast jungle lies their capital, the great fortified temple-city of Tzetra-Quen. As with all things though, eventually Time took its ruinous toll upon the Chenrixletiqua, and they were annihilated in a raid by another tribe, who seem to have disappeared from history at roughly the same time as the Chenrixletiqua, leaving behind a deserted city and an untamed rainforest. Now, these lost ruins have been rediscovered, and plucky adventurers are moving in to find treasures, mysteries and secrets of the lost temple-city. But the temple-city is barren no more, the natural inhabitants of the jungle laying claim to the ancient sites, and the secrets of Tzetra-Quen will not yield themselves without resistance...

Great Temple of Zyrravul
The Great Temple of Zyrravul, Lord of the Sun, stands resplendent within the center of Tzetra-Quen. Even with the city around it falling into ruins, the pyramid stands strong still, housing a maze of tunnels and passages once home to the priests of Zyrravul. Truly an awe-inspiring structure, yet the possibility of great treasures within have lead to explorers frequently entering these sacred ruins, their expeditions meeting with swift retribution from those creatures who call this structure home, drawn by the lingering aura of the sun’s majesty. Please reply in Orange.

The Streets of Tzetra-Quen
Once thriving with life and activity, time’s ruinous toll has been exacted upon these streets. Now, houses lie abandoned by human life, or else with their original owners lying within, a gruesome reminder of the fate that befell this grand city. The city is not devoid of life though, as Pokemon have inhabited these archaic structures for the shelter they provide, amongst other benefits. Many casual and novice adventurers make these ancient dwellings their first expedition into the ruins of Tzetra-Quen, due to the ease of navigation and relative pacifism of the inhabiting Pokemon. Please reply in Wheat.

Shrine of Mrinjar
A dilapidated shrine in the southern reaches of the citadel’s ruins, the presence of the much-feared Lady of the Night still lingers around her archaic place of worship, despite the illegality of it within the glorious walls of the Citadel of the Sun. Those Pokemon most in touch with darkness and the night are drawn to this mystical shrine and the miles of tunnels beneath it, used by cultists in the citadel’s heyday. Most tunnels are still traversable, although their stability may not be the greatest issue potential explorers will face. Please reply in Purple.

Caverns of the Ancients
Deep beneath the Great Temple of Zyrravul lies the ancient caverns upon which the Citadel was founded. Within these cavernous hollows lie an array of secrets. Colossal cisterns, towering spires and other natural formations have formed over the years, and the rumors of gemstones in the lower reaches draw many to these caverns. However, the caverns were also used to inter the remains of the great servants of Tzetra-Quen, and straying into the wrong caverns may result in new additions to the occupants there. Please reply in Sienna.

The Geode Mines of Xletec
Beneath the Caverns of the Ancients lie the Geode Mines of Xletec, one of the greatest sights Tzetra-Quen has to offer. Giant, glowing crystals permeate every surface, and gemstones of all colors dot the terrain, once attributed to the god of the earth, Xletec. Glimmering gemstones and more await the intrepid explorer who delves into these caverns, although the depths hold more than just these fruits of the earth… Please reply in DeepSkyBlue.

The Southern Jungles
Untouched by the fate that befell Tzetra-Quen, the vast jungle expanses to the south have grown, wild and unfettered by human civilisations. The tropical climate and the lush vegetation allow for a vastly diverse array of often-exotic Pokemon to inhabit the area, often with little to no experience of human interaction. Please reply in DarkGreen.

Swamps of Xlertic
The northern glades of Tzetra-Quen once held the rich hunting and fishing grounds for the Chenrixletiqua, but time has decayed this once-great forest and lake into a single fetid mire, within which lurks ancient horrors known to few, and explored by fewer. Brave souls may walk between these once majestic firs, but it is advisable to watch your step: the paths are few, the waters deceiving, and the omnipresent plants may be concealing more than just mud... Please reply in Teal.

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