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Tailing the Masquerain, the teen and group pushed through some undergrowth before coming to the outskirts of a rather large clearing, which opened to a view of the ocean, though the clearing itself appeared to be akin to a wasteland, as though some sort of small nuclear device had detonated. Rocks and burnt trees were dotted here and there, and though grass was growing, it appeared to be slightly withered, weakened. That wasn't the only thing though, as a couple of signs of life were evident. For a start, there was that dock with a rather impressive looking boat, and there were indeed a couple of pokemon sparring up ahead, a pair of small critters being watched by a pink feline, while a black one was showing affection to some sort of funny looking monkey, as well as a very out-of-place pokemon centre. However, the centrepiece was the massive mansion towering over the others.

Rory rubbed his head as the Wimpod scuttled around, sniffing the earth, while the Masquerain floated overhead. A couple of seconds later, Spriggan joined them, holding the Farfetch'd's leek in her maw. The Pumpkasaur looked around at the sights, before the three turned to the teen.

"Lemme see...we should head for the centre first, since those are usually officiated, and you guys need a little bit of a rest. Hopefully they have a medical waste system for gutting and dressing dinner...then afterwards we'll maybe ask who lives in that big house? Whoever it is, they must be rich to have a plot like this."

All said and done, Rory and his pokemon headed for the pokemon centre in the clearing, the Masquerain's beady eyes fixated on the battle, hoping nothing went awry. If needs be and trouble was brewing, she would be ready to swoop in to placate them in much the same manner as the Farfetch'd...though preferably without the same results.

The Wimpod meanwhile was bristling a little. Xigua was on edge, there was the scent of something around, something that could be of threat to Rory's sanity and health, and he hoped that said something wasn't around...
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