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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Trading the following to MM for 1 Candy + $500:

Gender: Female
Level: 18
Bond: 0
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Docile
Birthday: May 6
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Adoption Center
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl, Agility, Coil, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Helping Hand
EM/MT Moves: Aqua Tail
TM/HM Moves: Dig
There were many beautiful locations to be explored in the Fizzytopia region. Some with their perils, others decidedly safer. And then you had the locations where merely mentioning them by name meant enduring endless pleas to-

"-please don't go there!" a Nurse Joy was begging, the Florges by her side looking pale (moreso than usual, anyway, considering she was a White Flower Florges).

Terri Alph tilted her head as she regarded Nurse Joy. "What's the matter?" she asked. "All I said was that I'm gonna be passing through Agility Meadow."

"Believe me, I heard what you said," said Nurse Joy shakily. "Nobody goes through that meadow anymore. They all take the long way around, as should you."

"But why?" asked Terri. As this conversation went on, Nurse Joy was handing Terri back her Poké Balls, and the young Trainer was stowing them away in her messenger bag.

"Because something lives in that meadow," stated Nurse Joy. "Nobody knows what exactly, but whatever it is, it's ruthless, and very, very fast. It's blown right by unwary Trainers, leaving them and their Pokémon with grave injuries before they could even react. I've had to treat so many Pokémon attacked by that thing, and... not all of them have made it," she admitted in a quiet, haunted voice.

Terri's look was a sad, sympathetic one. "I'm sorry," she said to Nurse Joy. "I'm sure you did the best you could... but now I gotta go to Agility Meadow!" she exclaimed suddenly. "I've got to try and put a stop to this!"

"Wh- no, I can't let you-" began Nurse Joy.

But Terri shook her head. "It's not right that you've had to lose patients like that," she insisted. "And what if other unwary Trainers pass through? But I know to expect some kind of trouble- I can make a plan beforehand. I can prepare for this. And I can make sure you never have to deal with this kind of thing again," she promised.

Nurse Joy said nothing. This girl talked a good game, and the center's healing machine did indicate that her freshly-healed Pokémon were rather experienced... But on the other hand, how could she possibly give the OK for this young teenager to head right towards what had been certain death for Arceus only knows how many in the past? And then, as she looked up, she found that the need to make a decision on that front was no longer there- because Terri was no longer there!


Silence. Naught but silenc- wait! A faint rustling, in the grass, drawing gradually closer. Turn to look... a human. The fools never learn, do they? And this one was barefoot. Perfect. A nice crippling attack to her feet to start, and she and that floating seafood snack would be easy pickings. Wait for the perfect moment... and... CHARGE!


Terri wheeled around, but the source of the noise was already gone. "So it's around here," she murmured. "Good job on that Reflect, George- it couldn't touch us," she smiled.

"But it might come back," the Inkay warned his Trainer, looking around warily.

"Oh, I bet it will," Terri agreed, also looking around. "So be ready for a battle."

With a nod, the Inkay floated down closer to the ground... and then suddenly, a long brown blur rushed past him! The Inkay gave a squeal of pain, and then several more as that same brown blur blew right by him at various different angles in rapid succession, landing numerous yet light blows with Fury Swipes!

"I can't tell what it is, it's so fast," murmured Terri. "George, use Topsy-Turvy!"

George revolved in midair, turning upside down as his spots flashed with strange power. A ripple of weird energy emanated from all around him, and suddenly, the oncoming brown blur slowed down abruptly, repeated usage of Agility turned against it to its great dismay. With the long, furry creature now moving at a speed which allowed for identification, Terri pointed her Pokédex at the creature who even now was trying to use Agility some more, regain her lost Speed.

"Furret, the Long Body Pokémon. A Normal-type, and the evolved form of Sentret," droned the device. "While Furret has short limbs, it is very nimble and swift nonetheless, and is very adept at hunting Rattata. Whether hunting or battling, it uses its speed to corner its foes."

"Gah..." growled the Furret, glaring hatefully at both Terri and George. "Slowing me down like that- I'm not gonna let that slide! Nobody slows me down, not on my turf!"

Terri tilted her head as she regarded the Furret. "You're the one who's been attacking everyone in this area, aren't you?" she asked.

"And if I am?!" retorted Furret defiantly. "This is my territory, my hunting ground! Only two things are allowed on my land- me, and my food! Foolish human, like you could even understand what I'm saying..."

"Well, we're not your food," said Terri. "And the others who've tried to pass through here, they're not your food either. People and Pokémon have to pass through here, and it's not right of you to attack them like you do."

"NOT RIGHT?!" repeated Furret incredulously. "What do you humans know about right and wrong, and- wait, you understand my words?" she demanded.

Terri nodded. "Something happened, didn't it?" she asked. "Something that made you think all humans-"

"-are scumbags!" interrupted Furret. "Humans, concerned only with what Pokémon are strong... it didn't matter I was the fastest damn thing on his team- I couldn't knock anything out in one hit, so I was worthless to him! Humans- taking it upon themselves to drive out the Rattata infestation I relied on to survive! So yes- the humans have taken everything from me. I'm merely returning the favor!" And with that, Furret charged forward yet again- her monologue allowed her to stall out the remainder of the Reflect, and though she hadn't yet used Agility enough to regain her previous blinding speed, the Quick Attack she landed on George was far too fast for him to react to.

Terri was quick to act. "George, undo!" she exclaimed, holding out a Lure Ball and withdrawing the Inkay. Almost before George was back in the ball, Terri threw a Luxury Ball with her other hand. "Want, engage!" she exclaimed, sending out her Murkrow. Furret glared up at the Dark/Flying-type, before starting to Coil up her long body. And Terri was ready. "Use Snatch!" she ordered the Murkrow.

"Yoink!" cawed Want, her eyes gleaming purple. Although her body was quite ill-suited to coiling up, she was able to land on the ground and kind of wrap her wings around her for a moment in a way that seemed to suffice for the stolen move's purposes.

"And again! You keep taking from me!" snarled Furret. "You want a fight? You'll get a fight!"

"I don't want a fight," Terri shook her head. "I'll give you a fight if you want one, but if we can talk instead, I'd like to do that."

"Bah!" scoffed Furret. "Talk about what?"

"It's time a human started giving to you, rather than taking from you," declared Terri. As she spoke, she pulled an assortment of berries out of her bag and placed them on the ground.

Quite understandably, Furret did not immediately go for this. She eyed Terri warily. Glanced all around as though convinced that this was a trap. Inched forward. Looked around again. Made eye contact with Terri, as though looking for any sign of deception or trickery. Looked around for a third time. Inched forward a little more. Then, she quickly dashed forward, grabbed an Oran Berry, and retreated. She took a tiny nibble of it, and after swallowing it and realizing it hadn't been poisoned or anything, she ate the whole berry. Then she headed back to the pile, pausing for a second, then continuing after Terri gave a reassuring nod.

A few minutes later, Furret had finished up the pile of berries, and was looking at Terri once more. "...What's the catch here?" she asked suspiciously.

"No catch," said Terri. "I just think you deserve to have a break for once. In fact, if you like, you can come with me," she added, producing a Poké Ball from her messenger bag. She enlarged the sphere and put it on the ground where the berries had been. "I'm not like the last human you were with," she said. "If speed is what you have going for you, then we'll find a way to make that work," she smiled. "It looks like you've been making that work yourself, after all."

Furret did not respond immediately. She maintained eye contact with Terri, deep in thought about all this. This young girl was systematically defying everything Furret had come to believe about humans. Surely this was all too good to be true? And yet, a very small part of her... just flat-out wanted this to be true. The Inkay and Murkrow seemed happy enough with this girl, and she definitely seemed capable of working with their unique strengths, at least from what she was able to see so far...

"...If I was to go with you," began Furret, "what kind of a name would I have?"

"Well, it depends on what sounds good to you," said Terri. "I have one in mind, considering how fast you are, actually- what would you say to being called Zoom?"

...OK, Furret had to admit, that had a certain ring to it. Zoom the Furret. It sounded cool, and it highlighted her emphasis on speed. No more words were spoken. Instead, Furret gave the tiniest hint of a smile, and charged at full speed into the Poké Ball, so that it was still rolling backwards even as the catch was completed. Terri smiled as she picked up Zoom's Poké Ball. "Welcome to the team, Zoom," she said. "You'll see- this was the right decision." And with that, she and Want headed back towards the Pokémon Center, wondering what Nurse Joy would say in response to this turn of events.

OOC: After too long of a wait on my part, finally trading 1 Rare Candy and 500 to Mask for this Furret. Nicknaming her Zoom and declaring her Ability to be Keen Eye.

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