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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Missingno. Master has hatched a Lv.1 Male Wynaut.
The Hatchery. Ever since its inception, Keith had been there several times, albeit with the intention of leaving one or two of his Pokémon so they could have some... ahem... alone time with their significant others. But this time was different. This time, Keith was dealing with the department that dealt with Eggs brought in by the Trainers themselves. And just a week prior, Keith found himself in sudden need of their services- among the many gifts he was given for his birthday, he found a Pokémon Egg, a light blue coloration to its shell, sent to him from back in Lavaridge Town- a gift from Grandma Masters. And knowing what he knew about his dear grandmother, Keith had a very good feeling that he knew exactly what was to hatch...


"Haha, I knew it!" Keith grinned as Miss Lulu handed him his newest Pokémon. "My grandmother's better known as the crazy Wobbuffet lady of Lavaridge Town- I knew any Egg she'd send me would hatch into one of these!" As he spoke, he tossed a Luxury Ball into the air. "Helena, have a look at your new teammate!" he said.

The blue-eyed Banette appeared in a flash of light, and said blue eyes widened happily at the sight of the hatchling before them. Keith produced his Pokédex- not very necessary, considering both he and Helena knew all too well what this Pokémon was, but he wanted to hear it give its piece nonetheless.

"Wynaut, the Bright Pokémon. A Psychic-type," droned the device. "Wynaut always smiles regardless of its actual feelings, and indicates anger by slapping the ground with its tail. It uses its earlike arms to pick its favorite sweet fruits off of trees."

"Ohhhh, so cute!" Helena squealed. "He reminds me so much of Smiley!" she exclaimed, thinking back fondly to the Wobbuffet she'd had in life.

"I'm actually glad you mention that," said Keith. "Because I'm thinking maybe we name him after Smiley. Only if it's OK with you. And you, of course," he added to the Wynaut.

Wynaut smiled, of course, tail not slapping the counter at all. "Wynaut?" he responded.

"Heh, I take that as a yes," Keith chuckled, scooping the Psychic-type into his arms. "Welcome to the team, Smiley. And Helena," he added. "I hope I can count on your help with this little guy? I know more than a little about Wynaut and Wobbuffet from my countless visits with Grandma Masters, but you've actually trained one, so your help is gonna be invaluable."

"Of course," smiled the Banette. "One of the most important things- give him a big hug," she instructed Keith. Keith did as instructed, but Helena shook her head. "Harder," she said.

"You sure?" asked Keith. "He just hatched today."

"In the wild, Wynaut packs squeeze up against each other to build up their endurance," Helena explained. "This makes their counterattacks even stronger. I only had the one Wynaut myself, so big, tight hugs are the best substitute for somehow getting a whole pack of Wynaut."

"Makes sense, I guess," Keith conceded. He hugged Smiley tighter, and far from showing any sort of discomfort, the Wynaut hugged him back. "Heh, he likes it, wow," smiled Keith.

"See?" smiled Helena. "In fact, why don't you put him in the Luxury Ball you got for your birthday?"

"I like how you think," Keith nodded. Loosening his grip at last, he reached into his bag and produced the ornately decorated sphere. "Well, Smiley, how's this?" he asked.

"Wy naut!" smiled Smiley, slamming his body up against the Luxury Ball with what felt like unnecessary force. The Wynaut was quickly sucked into the sphere, which wobbled minimally before falling still.

OOC: AWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks, Marion! Claiming this level 1 male Wynaut, naming him Smiley, putting him in this Luxury Ball which nets him +10 Bond right from the start, and declaring his Ability to be Shadow Tag.

...And you know what? After rereading the effects of Celebrate in FB, I think it actually seems like a fitting move for a Wynaut or Wobbuffet. Especially since this one hatched from my Birthday Egg- double the significance! With that in mind, using my Magical Party Popper on my new Wynaut.

*Smiley learned Celebrate!*
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