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Today's first hatch had provoked a lot of questions. The birth of a Pokemon was an event shrouded in mystery already, but this little one seemed to inspire more than the usual philosophical quandaries from the various researchers, news reporters and curious collectors who had caught wind of the Pokemon that recently emerged from yet another Alolan egg:

"What does the rest of him look like when he hatches? If he's suspended in an incubation unit, surely you would know...?"

"How does he dig through floors? Concrete? Will he leave destruction in his wake if one were to keep him in the city?"

"If I have him upstairs, and I immediately run downstairs, will I see his feet dangling from the ceiling?"

"How does he naturally learn Sucker Punch? What does he punch with? His head?"

"Could this Pokemon possibly be proof that Eldrich horrors exist beneath the surface of our world, or is the real answer so boring that it's not even worth sharing?"

"Miss Lulu, why won't you answer any of our questions?"

"Miss Lulu, why are you laughing at us?"

"Miss Lulu, what are you grabbing from behind your desk?"



And so on, and so on, and so on.


In contrast to the first hatch of the day, the second, rather than inspiring questions from others, was full of questions himself. Though content at first with a bowl of sweet berries and snuggling up against a bundle of life-size plush facsimiles of his species, he soon grew curious as yet another visitor came to the front desk of the Hatchery. Miss Lulu was fielding questions for yet another curious researcher -

"...And furthermore, Miss Lulu, why does Diglett live submerged underground in the first place?"

"Wynaut?" the blue Pokemon responded. Miss Lulu, at first, seemed surprised that the little one had left his comfortable setup, but did not immediately intervene...

The researcher chuckled. "Having a Pokemon answer your questions for you now, hm?"


Miss Lulu grins. "Why, yes. Indeed. Please divert all of your questions to this little one. Surely, as a researcher of your caliber, you know that this species has the distinction of 'the Bright Pokemon'. Surely, he is more qualified to answer your questions than I am! Please, don't be shy. Ask away!"

After a quick rummage behind the desk Miss Lulu finds an official Hatchery Staff hat that, while oversized and lopsided on Wynaut's head, looks cute enough to be intentional - she then darts back into her office, watching as person after person was flummoxed, frustrated and ultimately diverted by Wynaut's impeccable "customer service".

Why would Miss Lulu do this?

Well... why not?


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