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Huganin's retaliatory Heat Wave was completely instinctual- Kawaii hadn't even thought of the order yet. "Stay strong, Manchin!" Keith encouraged his Quilladin as he struggled to land the Needle Arm.

"Quiiiiillaaaaaaa..." grunted Manchin. His arm, still glowing, managed to inch closer and closer to Huganin.

"That's it!" Keith cheered. "What's a type disadvantage to you? You jumped right in and helped in the battle against the Black Scarab- you can definitely handle this!"

"..laaaaaAAAAAAAADIIIIIIIIIIN!!!" Manchin bellowed, landing the Needle Arm, and at the same time, releasing the Natu from the grip of his vines.

The opportunity was upon them, and Keith knew it. "Now, Manchin!" he exclaimed as he moved his arms. The Poisonium Z set into his Z-Ring gleamed brightly as he did so.

"Quilla!" grinned Manchin, copying Keith's movements.

"Our minds, our spirits, linked as one!" Keith exclaimed as he struck the poses, made the movements necessary to generate Z-Power. "A power as intense as the Plague Swamp of Cascadia! Feel the poison- BE the poison!"

"Quillaaaaaa!" bellowed Manchin, as he too finished his imitation of Keith's movements. Z-Power flowed throughout him, supercharging his Sludge Bomb, turning it into something much sronger.

"Maximum power, Manchin! Use Acid Downpour!!!" Keith declared.

Manchin surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Manchin unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Acid Downpour

Pomona giggled, happy that her friend was happy. She didn't mind Julia sitting on her flower. This was not the first Pokémon to ride on her flower. Hell, this wasn't even the first Ralts to ride on her flower.

Aletri grinned as Manchin powered through to deliver the Needle Arm, and grinned even wider as the Quilladin and his Trainer went for an Acid Downpour.


"Oh, sweet! Thanks, miss Freighya!" exclaimed Eon, already bolting for the warp panel. "So what the heck are we waiting for, huh?" she grinned, already stepping onto the warp panel and being teleported instantly to the kitchen.

Cyanide gave an amused chuckle. "I guess we're all headed back downstairs, then," she said. "Noxie, Myrtle, you coming with?"

"Ooh, sure- I'd like to see Kawaii again," nodded Noxie. Myrtle gave a shrug, remaining seated on her friend's head.

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