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Keith nodded as Kawaii stated that her Natu could tell what she was thinking. Not too big a surprise, he figured- Natu was a Psychic-type, after all.

As Manchin reeled in Huganin, the Natu intended to use the close proximity as an opportunity for a Peck attack, but neither Trainer nor Quilladin was ready to just let this happen without a fight. "Let's meet it head-on with your new move, then, Manchin!" he declared.

"Quilla!" responded Manchin, bringing back his right arm as though preparing for a punch.

Keith grinned as Huganin was just about within range. "Use Needle Arm!" he commanded.


Pomona and Aletri were watching the battle as well.


Noxie nodded back. "He taught me some cool moves- almost right away, in fact, he taught me Poison Fang, and since I know that, he and I can even pull off a Z-Move!"

"I pre-fer Me-ga E-vo-lu-tion, my-self," Myrtle remarked, idly playing with the Banettite Clip attached to her zipper pull. "But I have seen Meat Sack and Nox-ie work to-ge-ther. I have seen Nox-ie use a pow-er-ful A-cid Down-pour," she grinned.

"Yeah, yeah, I can do that, too," Eon piped up. "And Subzero Slammer, too, with Keith's Icium Z!" Then, the Shiny Eevee gave a gasp. "Ooh! Miss Freighya, if you're here, does that mean Gersemy's here too?" she asked, her tail wagging as she asked about her friend.

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