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I've started this!

You would think I would have high standards given this is my actual career, but eh. It's okay. I thought some things were weird (cells bleeding) and the anime-ized elements don't really do much for me.

It had some nice references to hemostasis and hematology which didn't come across as amateurish, so I credit the authors for writing that well.

And holy crack the production values are insane! I had to double take to make sure this wasn't an NHK-subsidized project. Studio David does the animation for Hataraku Saibou and Episode 1 felt like it had more frames than all of Phantom Blood. Even the trailer for Part V looked pedestrian compared to this. It's insanely fluid.

I'm not super motivated to continue this but I think I shall. There's not a ton on my plate and I need to burn data.
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