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Keith grinned- Manchin slamming Huganin into the ground would surely stun it long enough to let the Chespin get off a Pin Missile... except for the part where it totally didn't work like that. Not only was the Natu not stunned long enough to let Manchin follow up with Pin Missile, Huganin didn't even wait for Kawaii to issue orders. Manchin was startled as the Psychic/Flying-type issued a Leer attack, and before either Chespin or Trainer could react, the Natu let fly another Heat Wave, and Manchin was caught up in the super effective move.

"Manchin, hang in there!" Keith exclaimed, trying to make himself heard over the rush of hot air.

"Cheeeees... Piiiiiin..." grunted Manchin. Faced with this wave of wickedly warm wind, the Chespin was struggling to even keep standing up. And yet, he kept trying, kept standing his ground. With all the faith Keith was showing in him, after all he'd done for the Chespin, it would be poor repayment on Manchin's part to not give his all. And to do that, he knew what had to happen. He might have known all along, really, from the moment he felt so compelled to battle earlier, that it would all be leading up to this moment.

Keith's eyes widened as the red gust of Heat Wave was contrasted with the blue-white glow that emanated from within- the glow that came from his Chespin! He could make out the changes taking place even through the Fire attack. The armored body grew, both taller and wider, any semblance of a neck disappearing as the armor as a whole took on more of an oval-esque shape. The arms thickened, the nose grew out a little bit, and two of the head needles thickened to the point where they resembled horns or ears of some sort. And then, just as the Heat Wave stopped, so too did the glow, revealing Manchin standing there, a confident grin on the 's face!

"...Whoa!" Keith breathed, a smile on his own face as he pointed his Pokédex at Manchin.

"Quilladin, the Spiny Armor Pokémon. A Grass-type, and the evolved form of Chespin," said Keith's Pokédex. "Quilladin is kindhearted and will not start fights. If attacked, however, it deflects the attack with its sturdy shell, and uses its quills to counterattack."

"And you even learned a new move!" Keith noted. "Alright, Manchin, ready?"

"Quilla!" Manchin grinned.

Keith grinned back at his Quilladin. "Let's do it! Manchin, grab it with Vine Whip once more, and this time, reel it in close and get ready!"

"Quilla Quilladin!" exclaimed Manchin, extending a pair of slightly thicker vines from under his arms, preparing to constrict and reel in Huganin for what would be a battle at much closer range.


Pomona's smile widened further as she felt the happy aura her new friend was radiating.

"Whoa, Mom, you gotta see this!" called Aletri, who had been looking out the front window. "Keith and Kawaii are having a battle, and Manchin just evolved!"

"Oh, wow," grinned Pomona. "Julia, want to watch the battle?" she asked the Ralts.


Myrtle said nothing more, and landed lightly on Noxie's head. "Y'know, I'll say this for Myrtle," remarked Cyanide. "She ain't the easiest to get along with, but she and Noxie are pretty much best friends. Matter of fact, Myrtle was the one who arranged the trade that got Noxie on the team in the first place. Keith didn't know Noxie was going to him until he first sent her out."

"I was coun-ting on Meat Sack's weak-ness for cute pup-pies," smirked Myrtle. "A good move on my part."

"I can't argue with that," agreed Noxie. "Keith's an awesome Trainer."

What? Chespin is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Chespin evolved into Quilladin!

*Manchin learned Needle Arm!*

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