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Originally Posted by 134 View Post
Trading Lv. 01 F Murkrow to MissingNo. Master for x02 Rare Candies and $500.

Lv. 01 F Murkrow
Special Ability: Prankster
Egg Moves: None.
MTs & TMs: Snatch; Thief;
It was the dead of night in Fizzytopia. The otherwise dark sky was illuminated by millions upon billions of tiny pinpricks of light, to say nothing of the full moon hanging high above the land. A beautiful, clear night, ideal for camping.

And indeed, camping is just what one young Pokémon Trainer was doing that night. No tent above her head- no need for it with this weather. 14-year-old Terri Alph needed only her Unown-print sleeping bag, and her Pokémon friends dozing off all around her. As Terri looked up at the stars, she had her usual small, mysterious smile on her face. Her PokéGear was nearby, the radio tuned to an unofficial frequency which was playing very strange sounds.

Sounds which something nearby found quite convenient, the better to not be heard. Whatever small sounds its wings made were surely inaudible over the weird noises that the young girl seemed to be enjoying, and moreover, her enjoyment of said sounds would surely distract her sufficiently so that this job could go off smoothly without a hitch.

The unnoticed intruder scanned the area, eyes gleaming as they fell upon a bright red messenger bag. Surely there was something worth grabbing in there. And if she was quiet, she might even be able to not wake up the various sleeping Pokémon. She came in for a landing right before the bag, keeping a sharp eye out all the while. Nobody woke up. Excellent. She approached the messenger bag- if she could get the zipper open, its contents would be hers for the taking. She stepped over a couple of flowers, inched her beak closer to the bag-


She froze up. A loud, yet oddly soothing bell chimed, echoing throughout the area. All at once, the others woke up. And before the intruder knew it, she was surrounded. A pair of Ninetales, one of each form. An Inkay. Some kind of creature wearing on her tail the very flowers that were just stepped over (and from whom the chiming seemed to be emanating). And of course, the human.

"She was going for your bag, Terri," said the flower creature- the Comfey- addressing the barefoot human.

Terri nodded. "Thank you, Help," she replied. "Thanks for the Heal Bell." Producing a blue Pokédex, she opened it up and pointed it at the intruder.

"Murkrow, the Darkness Pokémon. A Dark and Flying-type," droned the device. "Murkrow is generally detested as an omen of bad luck. It collects shiny objects, and will give them as gifts to Trainers it likes."

Terri tilted her head, looking at the Murkrow. "So you're why Nurse Joy tried to talk me out of camping in Pilfer Plains," she said. "Why were you going for my bag?"

The Murkrow scoffed. "I don't have to explain myself to a human who can't even understand what my kind say," she cawed, spreading her wings preparing for her escape.

"You don't have to," agreed Terri. "But I'd appreciate it."

The Murkrow stopped in her efforts to take off, giving a surprised squawk. "...You understand my words?" she asked.

"Mm-hmm," nodded Terri. "So... why were you going for my bag? I like my things."

"Not that it's any of your business," snapped Murkrow. "But if you must know, I'm after shiny things. And humans keep shiny things in bags. Especially around here, when they want to keep them from me. Like that ever stops me," she added, and with that, she made a break for the messenger bag, in a move that would surely Astonish all present.

Help, however, was quick to intervene. With her Triage Ability helping her to outpace the swift Murkrow, the Comfey swooped in and blindsided the Darkness Pokémon with a super effective Draining Kiss! Murkrow gave an indignant caw as she turned on Help.

"Good, Help," smiled Terri. "Now, George, use Reflect."

Before George could do anything, however, Murkrow's head swiveled faster than a Rowlet on crack, her now glowing eyes glued to the Inkay. George began to execute the move, but chirped in surprise as it proved useless. Meanwhile, Murkrow seemed to be putting up a Reflect of her own! With skillful use of Snatch, she swiped George's move before he could use it! And then she flew forward once more, landing a picture-perfect Peck attack on Help.

"Battle! Battle!" George was exclaiming, bobbing up and down in midair. "Z-Move?"

Terri shook her head. "Murkrow is a Dark-type," she said. "Our Z-Move wouldn't work. Murkrow," she said, trying to get the Dark/Flying-type's attention.

"Shut up and fight!" cawed Murkrow, ready to go for another Peck attack.

"I don't want to," Terri stated. "I want to talk."

At this, Murkrow audibly scoffed. "Humans. You never want to talk," she said dismissively. "You see me stealing, and you want to fight me off."

"Well, why steal in the first place, then?" asked Terri. "Not everything shiny belongs to people, and you could always try asking I have shiny things I don't want to get rid of, but I could try and find something I'd be fine with you having."

"Are you stupid? Nobody would do that for my kind," snapped Murkrow.

"Really?" Terri replied, picking up her messenger bag and going through it. "Then what do you call this?" She dug out a bright pink gemstone- a Psychic Gem- and offered it to Murkrow.

This stopped Murkrow in its tracks. "...Ooooh," she murmured. "So sparkly! This... is for me?"

"You're welcome to it," smiled Terri. For a moment, Murkrow was rendered speechless. This was the first time in her life that a human ever voluntarily surrendered something shiny to her. Could this be a trap? She wasn't sure she saw how...

"There it is!" came a voice. "Hey, little girl, step aside- that little thief is gonna get it!"

Terri turned and looked. A large, bulky man was running up to them, with what appeared to be a floating rock with facial hair by his side. With a curious glance at this rock, Terri turned her Pokédex on it.

"Geodude- Alola Form- the Rock Pokémon. A Rock and Electric-type," droned the device. "Its body is a magnetic stone. Iron sand attaches firmly to the particularly magnetic parts, giving the appearance of hair and eyebrows."

"Hey, wait," Terri said to the man. "Did this Murkrow steal something from you?"

"Nah, but the little shit tried to, and I ain't letting that go!" growled the man. "Geodude! Thunder Punch!"

Murkrow took off at once, flying up to evade the Thunder Punch. Terri couldn't help but feel sorry- Murkrow was totally outmatched by this thing. And as Murkrow dove down behind Terri, the young Trainer knew she had to help.

"I won't let you," she said. "Murkrow's left you alone. You should do the same."

"Pfft. You won't let me?" scoffed the man. "That's a good one! Geodude, get that Murkrow!"

"George, get that Geodude!" called Terri. "Use Superpower!"

"Battle!!" chirped the Inkay, flying at the oncoming Geodude and slamming into it with great force. Force that, thanks to Contrary, only served to strengthen the Inkay rather than leave it weakened as a result.

"You really gotta get in our way, kid?" sighed the man. "Fine, then. This ain't personal, just so you know. Geodude, use Rock Blast!"

"Dodge and go for Overheat!" commanded Terri.

Unfortunately, George wasn't able to dodge the Rock Blast quick enough. Fortunately, however, this did not matter too much. The Defense boost from Superpower prevented the Rock move from doing too much damage. Moreover, George was able to retaliate with Overheat, and though the move had little effect on the Geodude, Terri didn't look too upset about that.

"Hah! If that's the best you got, you're no better against me than that Murkrow," laughed the large man. "Geodude, let's prepare to finish it off!"

At once, Terri felt something being slid onto her wrist. A quick look confirmed- Murkrow had dug her Z-Power Ring out of her bag and slid it onto her wrist. She gave the Murkrow a reassuring smile, then turned back to the fight.

"Get ready now, George!" Terri exclaimed, starting to move her arms. The Psychium Z set into her Z-Power Ring flashed, giving off a light that Murkrow couldn't stop looking at.

"Wha-" began the man, startled by this development. He hadn't seen Murkrow slipping the Z-Power Ring onto Terri's wrist.

“Find your strength and yield to nobody! Make our minds join! Increase our power and direct it to our enemies!" Terri exclaimed as she made the poses, as large quantities of Z-Power flowed from the Psychium Z into the Inkay, who felt his Psybeam get powered up in a big way.

"Z-Move! Z-Move!!" George chanted excitedly.

Terri grinned. "Now, perform- Shattered Psyche!!!”


George surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

George unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Shattered Psyche
Intense psychic energy swirled all around George, and the Inkay glared at the Alolan Geodude. And then, with a great cry, George unleashed the attack, and Geodude was sent flying! George's spots lit up, and Geodude began bouncing off of invisible psychic barriers like a pinball with eyebrows, before seeming to crash into the starry backdrop of the whole scene, shattering some kind of psychic wall and collapsing to the ground, totally unconscious.

"...Gah, whatever!" grunted the man as he withdrew Geodude into a Level Ball. "It means that much to you, keep the damn Murkrow! Just keep it the hell away from me!" And with that, he ran off.

"...You actually battled for me," Murkrow said to Terri, sounding quite surprised.

"Well, yeah," Terri replied. "You didn't actually steal anything from him. I think he was being a little hard on you. Murkrow... what will you do now?" she asked. "Do you have a family?"

"...No," admitted Murkrow. "It's just me and my collection. Or it should be- I'm too well-known for my thievery around here. I'm why they call this place Pilfer Plains."

"Well, why don't you come with us?" asked Terri. With that, she drew a nice, shiny Luxury Ball out of her bag and offered it to the Darkness Pokémon, giggling a little as the Darkness Pokémon, eyes gleaming, gave a gentle peck to the golden button on the ball and was sucked in. If this startled Murkrow, she hid it well, and made no effort to escape the ball. Terri smiled as the ball clicked shut, but then got right back into her sleeping bag. She figured she'd introduce Want to the rest of her new teammates in the morning.

OOC: Trading 2 Rare Candies and 500 to Tate for the level 1 female Murkrow, who comes knowing Snatch and Thief, comes in a Luxury Ball, and comes with 18 Bond. Nicknaming her Want, and confirming that her Ability is to remain Prankster.

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