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Manchin grunted his displeasure as Huganin started Pecking at his vines in an effort to break free. It hadn't yet forced him to let go, but it surely wouldn't be much longer, either...

"Stay strong, Manchin!" Keith called encouragingly. "We've got it now! Slam it into the ground and go for Pin Missile before it can recover!"

"Chespin!" nodded Manchin. In theory, slamming the Natu into the ground should stun him long enough to allow him a free attack before the Night Shade could be used. Whether this would actually work was as yet unknown, but there was only one way to find out, now wasn't there?


Pomona giggled happily, extending a few vines to hug Julia back.


"Oh, that's good to hear," replied Noxie. "Jack's gonna be happy to hear that, too."

At that moment, the Banette who had been observing the battle floated over. "Hel-lo, Freigh-ya," said Myrtle.

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