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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- With the Aggron now in a reasonable state of mind, you instruct your Pokemon to stand down. They'd be ready to step in if the Aggron threatened to harm you, but you sensed that wouldn't be necessary. You speak calmly, apologising to the Aggron and promising to clear away the source of unrest that had displaced so many Pokemon from their home. The message seems to hit its mark, the Aggron groans appreciatively before dragging its heavy body past you, heading out of the caverns and away from the irritating noise. As it moves away, George dashes in and retrieves something. It seems the Aggron knocked something loose from the rock!

You received 2 Psychic Gems!

George gained 2 levels!
Andromeda gained 1 level!

With the Aggron no longer blocking your path, Andromeda takes the lead once more and you continue down the tunnel. The strange noise grows louder as you get closer, you'd likely get a nasty headache if you were down here for too long. With the sound getting louder, you realise you must be getting close to the source. You go to take a step and George shoots out in front of you, scooping something off the ground before you can step on it. Andromeda turns to give you some light as George shows you what you nearly stepped on. It seems to be a shattered piece of pottery, with a few odd markings on it. The edges seem to be quite sharp, if George hadn't picked it up it likely would have cut your feet. Where had this come from? Was it some how connected to the noise?
It was a tense moment indeed as Terri apologized to Aggron. Nobody present, psychic though some of them were, knew how this would go. Even with Aggron calmed down so much, would it listen to Terri? Would it believe her? it turned out, yes on both counts. Aggron gave an appreciative groan before continuing on its way out of the cavern. Terri smiled at Aggron, happy that she was able to get through to the Steel/Rock-type, and especially happy she'd caught her mistake early enough to fix it.

"Oooh!" came George's voice. The Inkay swooped in and scooped up a couple of rather interesting-looking items. "Terri, look!"

And Terri did look. Her eyes brightened up as she saw what George was showing her. "Psychic Gems," she murmured, accepting the curious crystals from George. "I like these. Thank you, George," she smiled.

"Shall we continue, then?" asked Andromeda.

Terri nodded. "We shall," she confirmed.

And so they did. The Starmie led the way, her gem shining brightly as they continued onward. And as they did so, the strange noise got louder and more irritating. Headaches would surely ensue if they stayed in there for too long, so it was Terri's hope that whatever this was could be fixed fast.

And then, just as Terri was about to take another step, George sprang into action. "No, no, wait!" he exclaimed, swooping down, scooping up something Terri had been about to step on.

Terri tilted her head. "What is it?" she asked. In response, Andromeda turned to give her some much more adequate lighting, while the Inkay handed her the object he'd just picked up. A fragment of shattered pottery, with edges so sharp it was little wonder George was desperate for Terri to not step on it with bare feet. Terri accepted it, regarding the shard with intense curiosity. It had some odd markings on it. Terri wasn't sure where, or even if, she'd seen such markings before, and found herself quite curious about them. What was this doing here? Did this tie into the horrible noise somehow? Where did it come from?

"We should continue," the Starmie suggested. "I'm not convinced standing here and studying this shard will give us answers."

"You're right," nodded Terri. "Come on, then- let's keep going."

"Wait!" said George. "You almost cut your foot on that. What if there are more? Maybe you should put on your sandals?"

Terri did not look especially keen on this idea, though if there was any particular reason for this, she did not see fit to voice them. "I can keep a closer eye on the ground before me," she said. "George, can you help with that?" she asked. "Let me know if I'm about to step on anything else?"

"Well... OK," the Inkay responded uncertainly. He personally thought that Terri putting her sandals on would be a much simpler solution, but clearly she thought otherwise. Andromeda said nothing, despite being just as curious as to Terri's apparent affinity for going barefoot. This was far from the time or the place to get into any sort of in-depth discussion- that noise kept going, and none of them wanted to be subjected to it for any longer than they needed to be. So the Starmie led the way once more, while George and Terri followed, both of them making sure that Terri did not step on anything sharp.

*Andromeda grew to level 35!*

*Andromeda learned Reflect Type!*

*George grew to level 24!*

*George grew to level 25!

*Obtained 2 Psychic Gems!*

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