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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
You guys realize I did split up a separate thread for this, right? (Kinda like cell division, eh? ;P *shot*)
No, I did not. > Can you please move the other, newer posts over too?

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
I am kinda confused as to what age the human host body is supposed to be. The story makes it seem like it's encountering most of these threats for the first time, in which case dang what kind of environment is this poor kid living in. ^^;
Episode 05 lightly touches on this, actually. Not really a big "spoiler", but meh, spoiler box just in case:

Spoiler: show
They talk about cedar pollen allergies with familiarity, from the dramatic (like Memory Cell's Nostradamian prognostications of doom) to the mundane (like mentioning how "it's that time of year again" or some such). So the body in this series has definitely seen cedar pollen before.

Bigger spoiler for Episode 05. Wouldn't click until after you've seen it:

Spoiler: show
The fact that the host body takes steroids of all things to combat the allergy ... maybe it's just a Japan thing, no idea, but I'm still going to go out on a limb and guess that this body belongs to someone between the ages of 8 and 35.

Originally Posted by KamenAeons View Post
Also Cells at Work is a treasure. You should read the manga too!
I think it will be good reading practice. Probably will plan on it after the show wraps up. I can't imagine it will get a second season *SIGH* , even though it's amazing. It definitely strikes me as one of those "Made to sell the source material" kinds of anime. But we'll see! We'll see. :')

I love how the animators know we all adore the platelets and have taken to Where's Waldo'ing them throughout the later episodes where they're not as prominent. Any time they're on screen is a delight. They're just so gosh durn adorable!

Favorite character so far is either the Platelet captain or else Eosinophil. Waifu #1 is Macrophage, Waifu #2 is Mast Cell.
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