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The control panel is clearly trying to be cute – a statement you never thought you’d make, but here we are. You reason there must be some kind of creature controlling the malfunctioning system, which would explain why Snivy’s code did not work and why the poor snake was zapped maliciously in return…

Snivy seems to agree with you, while Millie seems a little more confused as to why you would go to war with a door. The bear sits down to watch the curious display, while Snivy summons a rainbow of leaves and launches them at the control panel! Several of the blade-like projectiles pierce and lodge themselves in the mechanism, causing a burst of electricity to be released – and sure enough, a Pokemon materializes soon afterwards in an eerie fit of laughter: its body, made of pure energy, glows orange with an electric-blue aura surrounding it. You might have already suspected, but the enemy in this room turns out to be a Rotom!

Finally catching up to your thought process, your Stufful gladly springs to action, ready to bring the fight to this ghost with an aptly-chosen Dark powered Brutal Swing. Millie launches herself at the foe, ready to bite down and toss it across the room, but as she tries to make contact with her fangs, she finds herself being shocked instead! As it turns out, it’s physically impossible to grab and throw a being made entirely of plasma…

Chuckling once more – the nerve! – Rotom zips across the room, reaching such speed in its movements that it leaves behind at least six mirror images of itself, all staring at your team with their annoying “^_^” faces. Well, at least you know what you’re dealing with now… what will you do?
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