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Rigel lets you take the first shot, standing across the chapel with his arms crossed. His eyebrow rises as he sees the ash-coloured Bagon take to the field, but he seems to know better than to underestimate an opponent – he remains as serious in the face of the baby drake as he would have if you’d summoned a Salamence.

Eridian arches his heavy head back before shooting an impressive pillar of pressurized water at the large metal foe across him. The blast hits Aggron square on the chest and the beast groans, but for some reason does not retaliate. It then falls on Nina to keep up the pressure, and though a clever use of Mimic, the Alolan Vulpix copies Eridian’s Hydro Pump and blasts Aggron a second time!

The armoured colossus stumbles backwards, stunned by the consecutive high-powered moves, but does not fall. Instead, it glares angrily at the offenders, and when Rigel finally speaks, you understand the motive behind the forced passiveness…

“… Metal Burst.”

What follows is a massacre. Aggron roars and gathers silver energy in front of its open maw, before unleashing a gigantic beam of light that washes over Nina with such force that the small fox is hoisted off her feet and sent flying back all the way against church wall, smashing into a beautiful stained glass window which shatters completely. Your partner then tumbles helplessly to the floor… and does not get back up. Nina has fainted…

Enraged by the fate that befell his companion, Blaze rushes forward as he channels dark feelings into his claw. Black energy envelops his arm, and the Combusken leaps towards Claydol to deliver a Night Slash… but finds himself freezing in mid-air, trapped in a Psychic grip that leaves him completely vulnerable!

Things are definitely not going well; Rigel is the leader of the Shells for a reason, you’re not fighting the average grunt here. But now that you think about it… where did his third Pokemon go? There was Aggron, Claydol and… where is Sableye?!

The sudden sound of giggling coming from behind you causes you to spin around in alarm. Sure enough, half-buried in your own shadow is Rigel’s ghost! On its right hand is a key, and on his left… is the locked metal box! When did Sableye manage to steal it?!

“Like I said… I’ll even open it for you,” says Rigel, tauntingly.

Sableye adeptly places the key he received from Rigel into the hole and turns it. It clicks open, and the metal lid pops up. Light bursts from within the box, and Sableye starts glowing at the same time! The box falls to the ground with a thud, now empty, and the phantom stands before you transformed… a Mega Sableye!

“So, spy. Ready to start taking this seriously?”


Radiation Poisoning Level 1 in effect: You can only order up to three total attacks between all of your active Pokemon. The accuracy of your non-Steel-Type Pokemon is reduced by 20%. Cannot be cured by items.

Sensing the tide of battle shifting heavily in Metang’s favour, you recall the weakened Sigurd. In doing so, the Will-o-Wisps fade, and the room becomes pitch-black again, except for the metal demon’s glowing red-eyes, the LEDs scattered across the walls, and…

”Metang’s tower…” you hear Sigurd tell you mentally, now somewhat more rested in the safety of his Ball. Looking up, you see three more red light dots around the base of the iron pillar that sprouted from the ground, Metang’s “throne”. Do they mean anything?

Trieu takes Sigurd’s place, but clearly has a hard time adjusting her eyesight to the extremely low visibility. You wonder if the radiation can somehow work as a boost to Poison Pokemon, or a safety measure against Shadow Metang, and as such, retrieved the Poisonium-Z and insert it into your Gauntlet.

Radiation Poisoning up to Level 2!

Darkness from the Shadow Sky falls and envelops your Z-Crystal, and immediately you feel the overwhelming nausea worsen again. It is then that it clicks: It was Metang’s darkness that tainted the Crystal, which was why it improved when you retrieved it and stored it away! Out in the open, in this miniature shadow world, Metang can once again corrupt the Crystal and heighten its effect to uncontrollable levels – the Poisonium-Z wasn’t a lock on Metang’s power, but rather a target of its dark influence!

Trieu looks lost, but finally decides to make a move, aiming at the place where Metang’s eyes glow. Fangs charged with venomous power, she charges ahead and buries her claws and teeth into its cold metal armour, finally dealing some damage to the seemingly-impervious automaton! Poison does not seem to enter the being’s bloodstream, since it has no blood, but the fact that Trieu managed to land a hit gives you renewed hope nonetheless – the enemy isn’t untouchable.

Your stomach turns, your vision blurs, and you know all too well the cause for this sickly feeling. Still, you manage to hang tight, and order your Drapion – mercifully unaffected by the radiation for now – to keep the pressure up with a Night Slash. However, Trieu does not immediately comply. You realize she is staring into the red eyes of the devil, ensnared by some strange power. Finally, Trieu loses it – she releases her grip on Metang and begins to turn around frantically in every direction, looking frightened at the darkness that dances around her… she has been possessed by Shadow Panic!

Well Jayson… do you have a plan?
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