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Questioning the logic of how this young girl would have made it ahead of you, you decide to investigate the disturbance. You rush forward alongside your Inkay and find that to continue toward the voice you would need to venture into the trees and leave the nicer paved path through the garden. A few steps would not be a big deal, it should be easy enough to keep from getting lost if you don't stray too far. You head between a gap between a crystal and a tree leaving the last bit of modern times behind you momentarily. You hear another cry and head towards it when you come upon a clearing ringed by smaller more natural crystals. In the center you see the same young girl sniffling in her stark white dress looking up at a larger man who is in dark clothes. His main defining feature is a symbol on his chest which seems to be a bright red R but crossed out with a darker red S crossing it out. You immediately recognize this from whatever research or news stories you heard before coming into the town as a member of the Shells. "Come on now 'goily'." He says with an overexaggerated accent that he is obviously using in an attempt to be intimidating. "You know we are gonna find it anyways. Yous might as well tells us and we don't have to drag this out." He says before he and the girl spot you entering the clearing. The moment the Shell is distracted the girl takes the chance to dash from the clearing and run deeper into the trees. "Ah wai- fu- uggh." He turns to you with a scowl. "Yous lost me a lot of time. And now you gotta pay whoever you are." He takes out a pokeball. "Go Exeggcute, let's teach 'em a lesson." What will you do?
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