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Missingno. Master- Confident you can handle the situation in the cave, you release your Starmie from its Pokeball. Thankfully the Water type already knew Flash, which checked off the issue of visibility in the cavern. Madoka smiles, she seems confident that the task is in capable hands, you had bested her in her trial after all.

"The entrance to the cavern is down behind the shrine, you can't miss it." Madoka waves you goodbye as you head towards the shrine, Andromeda floating closely behind. Searching behind the shrine you quickly locate the entrance to the Cosmic Cavern. You hear a strange noise coming from within, some sort of buzzing. The thing was though, it didn't really sound like any Bug type Pokemon you have ever heard before, it had this strange quality to it that was hard to pin down. Andromeda's gem lights up as you enter the tunnel, quickly pushing back the darkness and illuminating the path in front of you.

You follow the main tunnel for a few minutes, before a terrifying roar stops you in your tracks. The cavern seems to shake as something approaches, it seems that another Pokemon was being forced from the caverns, this one likely much larger and angrier than the distressed Rock types outside. It was probably a good idea for you to prepare yourself for conflict. As the frustrated Pokemon closes in, you do your best to peer into the dark, any sign of what you would be facing would likely help you prepare. Some of the light from Andromeda's gem reflects off a polished surface, perhaps something metallic?
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