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Missingno. Master- You're sleeping peacefully when a loud noise suddenly stirs you from your sleep. Repetitive crashes sound out, was the shrine under attack? Looking out the window of your room you see no signs of conflict and after a couple of minutes pass the sound subsides. The sleep in your eyes calls you back to bed, finding out what woke you would have to wait till the morning.

Light filters in through the window, awakening you on this new day. You clean yourself up before heading out of the room, intent on locating Madoka, who would likely be trying to find out the source of the noise as well. It doesn't take long for you to find the shrine keeper, who is working with her Lycanroc to try and round up a herd of distressed Rock Pokemon. She beckons you over, likely needing your assistance.

"Good morning Terri, I hope you slept well." The trial captain looks a little tired this morning, like she hadn't gotten much sleep last night. "Did you get woken up last night as well? These Pokemon have been going crazy, it seems something happened in the caverns and forced them out. The Aron, Geodudes and Roggenrola begin to settle as Madoka's Lycanroc herd them into a nearby clearing. "I've got my hands full here, do you think you could go investigate for me? You'll need a Pokemon that can use Flash to see inside the caverns, it gets quite dark in there." You wanted to look around the shrine a little more and a chance to explore the caverns would likely involve you getting to check out the true shrine. The question was whether you were equipped to handle the situation on your own or not...

Myahoo- You present the Cutter Badge to Marina, who takes it, holding it up to the light as she checks its authenticity. "Alright, this looks legit", she gives you a quick smile, "that said, you still need a Pokemon that knows Waterfall to get up to the second level. I can teach it to one of your Pokemon as we go, but I don't offer free rides." Her Gyarados lets out a low growl, no free rides indeed. The water was quite peaceful here but looking up river you could see the water was flowing fast, crashing violently against the rocks. Further up was a small waterfall, there was no way any Pokemon was making it up that unless it was trained to do so.

"Once we get up to the Fountain Garden I'll even see if I can get a hold of Jet for you, I'm sure he'd be happy to help you search for a Pidgey, I bet he knows the location of every bird Pokemon in the Cloud Garden!" Marina had expressed her willingness to train your Pokemon to handle the waterfall and even offered to help get you in contact with Jet. The only issue now was whether you had a Pokemon capable of learning Waterfall with you, and whether you were willing to get yourself wet in search for this elusive Pidgey. Marina's Gyarados growls with impatience, it appears you better make a decision quickly, before the Gyarados decides that it wants some lunch.....

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