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The Park

Fortune Teller’s Tent
"Okay, Maasa. We're gonna take this thing. Use odor sleuth and toxic, then get in there with a bite attack!"

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNGHGH!" The Meowstic’s sight switched from you and the Espurr down to the small and brave Swinub.

A small white orb glows at the piglet’s nostrils as it squeaks. The Swinub sniffs the ground before the orb and white energy are hurled into the ground. A thin trail of mist journeys its way towards the Meowstick, Sleuthing its Odour and position and setting the Ice type's target.

“Meeeeoow,” the Meowstic sneers sinisterly but merely stands idly in wait. Masaru takes his chance and gets ready for his next attack; a Toxic. Purple energy starts oozing out his mouth as he widens his jaws. The cat gives a sly grin as he calmly observes, and then swiftly lunges forward and claps the Swinub’s nose between its paws. Masaru instantly chokes on his own attack and, flinched from the move, foregoes the Toxic. A Fake Out!

“Me-e-oww,” the cat chuckles greedily. He takes a defensie stance and opts to wait for Masaru’s attack instead. The Swinub follows the last of your orders and charges closer in for a Bite. Immediately, the Mewostic flicks his hands up, palms facing forward. Masaru doesn’t notice anything at first but the moment he gets close he notices a sudden drop in momentum and slowness of attack as a transparent pane shimmers when he sinks his teeth into the opponent; a Reflect. The attack lands but the Meowstic merely scoffs and throws Masaru off. The pig Pokémon lands with a cloud of dust into the ruins’ floor. The Meowstic hesitates little this time as he immediately goes in for the attack. His eyes light up a dark purple haze before two multicoloured Beams of Psychic energy strike the side of the fallen Swinub.

The Meowstic laughs for a moment but holds back as Masaru gets up, seemingly waiting for Masaru’s next move instead. Rather than a direct attacker, this opponent seemed to enjoy disrupting yours at the last moment, and he was surprisingly quick at doing so. Masaru had the experience advantage by far, but the cat’s tricks had managed to balance the fields a lot more.

Masaru the Lv.100 Swinub

Lv.35 Meowstic

What do you do?

The Ghost Train
Fishyfool: ~ last update

Lil’twick: ~ last update

Hous of Mirrors
You ran straight into the opposite direction, taking left and right turns alternatively when you could. The rippling waves of the mirror gave chase to you as the reflective surfaces bent their angles into a single tunnel, the shadow close behind. You rushed headlong in. A mistake, you discover, as your panic caused you to collide with the mirrored walls at least once. And then you remembered a trick in mazes; all you had to do was follow one side of a maze for as long as you could, and you’d be sure to find the exit. Eventually. As best a plan you could muster up in such a short time considering you had lost your way and weren’t sure of the exit.

The shadow and rippling mirrors were slow in their advance and so you quickly managed to gain some distance. Using this distance you were able to give yourself some pause to gain your bearings and find the mirrored walls and their edges. You turn a corner at a split, and then another left, and then, was that a split you passed? Probably not, but you couldn’t be sure anymore, and there was no time to retrace your steps. The shadow was closing in again. You take another left, and then, dead end!

Your breath stops dead-mid your throat. You turn, anxiously waiting for the shadow to gang up…it took a few seconds. For some reason, you poked your head around the corner. You saw the mirrors rippling at the end of the corridor. The tunnel got darker, the shadow was at the opposite side. It wasn’t a shadow, it was something else. But through the dim light and reflections it was hard to tell what it was

And then it went down another path. The rippling of the mirrors slowly cease as they lag behind the creature. The moaning that had accompanied it came to a dwindling halt as well, and for a moment you felt safe.

“You can’t stay there, the voice from before speaks in your mind.

”First off, don’t think too much. It can sense thoughts just like I can.” Easier said then done.

”That thing will go down every path and around every corridor until it finds something. And if it doesn’t, it will do it all over until it finally does. It’s going to keep looking for you as long as you’re here. You need to get out.

There was a small pause from the voice.

”You need to go back to where you were, back where you first saw it.” Give it a moment first. There’s a split later on where you and that thing might cross again. Wait two minutes and thirty-three seconds and then go. Was he serious? Go back into the lion’s den?

”That thing won’t return there for a while,” the voice spoke as if knowing your thoughts. ”But you have to stop overthinking,” it repeats itself.

’Look, I know the way out. I can see every inch of this place. I can get you out of here, but you need to be careful, or you might get trapped here like me. It’s your choice.”

You were trapped in a dead corner with some shadow patrolling the Hall of Mirrors. The mysterious voice remained enigmatic to you but at least it was offering help. If you could trust it that was. According to it, you had a short break before you’d have to continue… straight into the lion’s den. Perhaps you could use this time to prepare, or ask questions, or panic.

What do you do?

The Hotel

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Wild Future

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