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You realize you lack the tools for an effective stealth approach with the partners you brought along. Again, maybe the folks back at Marshall HQ should’ve helped you prepare better? The thoughts of “abandonment” and “suicide mission” have crossed your mind throughout this infiltration several times; maybe you should have a word with Larson when – if – you get back…

What you do have is a team of partners capable of thoroughly scrambling any properly-functioning mind. Zoey, your curiously-coloured Zubat, takes the lead with a modestly-powerful Supersonic, which by all accounts should not be picked up by the human ear – but when Nina and Blaze join the choir with their own renditions of the copied move, the sound level rises unbearably, further exacerbated by the natural acoustic layout of the church. In a matter of minutes, the destructive symphony reaches the congregation with devastating effect, causing them to fruitlessly cover their ear in an attempt to lessen the onslaught. And while that part goes smoothly, you realize you are not immune to the sound-based raid just because you were the one to order it – the Supersonic waves assault your own ears as well, and it’s as if needles are piercing your eardrums.

“W-what the hell is going on?!”
“D-damn it! M-make it stop!!”
“Where… where am I? Who… who the hell are you people?!”

The ceremony is interrupted, and the participants scramble about in pain and confusion. Eventually, they lock eyes with you and your team, but you aren’t exactly making a concentrated effort to remain concealed anymore: in fact, you relish the opportunity to meet their gazes with the gazes of your own companions! Zoey, Nina and Blaze’s eyes glow blue, and the pained Shells are quick to find comfort in the hypnotic stares that easily penetrate their weakened minds. In a matter of seconds, each and every Shell Executive, as well as the priest, falls to the ground fast asleep, having embraced the relief of the slumber-inducing move. Your tactic was a resounding success!

*Zoey has gained 3 Levels!*
*Nina has gained 3 Levels!*
*Blaze learned EM Feint!*

And just like that, the entire Cathedral falls silent. Unsettlingly so, now that you think about it – there’s a corpse in the middle of the church, for which you are in a way responsible, and several passed-out people lying around it, again entirely your doing. The dead bodies in Rigel’s chamber, Anderson… you sure have left quite a trail of devastation in your wake, and thinking about it in this massive, cold stone place pf worship somehow makes it even more harrowing.

Still, the only way to move is forward, and you know exactly where you’re headed. Axel’s attention is turned exclusively to the pipe organ, as per Anderson’s instructions, but he seems stumped. He mentally scans the entire structure to no avail, then begins randomly pressing each key with telekinesis, breaking the silence and unintentionally producing the most terrifying melody you’ve ever heard. Even then, he comes up with no answers regarding a code, and so he does the last thing he can think of: again using telekinesis, he forcibly moves the entire organ to the side… revealing a large metal door behind it!

*Axel has gained 1 Level!*

You approach the door and find it is, unsurprisingly, locked. There’s a screen next to it displaying a full alphanumerical keyboard, and a single line of text above it, which reads:

PASSWORD: _ _ _ _ _ _

You could always have Hermes phase through the door, but what good would that do? He couldn’t grab and bring something back along with it, and the door is much too heavy to be forced open. It seems you have no choice but to input the code that the Quartermaster talked about earlier…

You said it yourself – you’re on a timer. So now what?!


Radiation Poisoning Lv 2 in effect

Despite the inhospitable conditions you’ve had to endure so far, the effects of the radiation seem to have waned somewhat, enabling you to continue - if only for a little while longer. The nausea persists, but you feel some strength returning to you, enough to make your way towards the Z-Crystal and grab it!

*You found a Poisonium-Z!

Muk turns to you, visibly angry, as if you’ve just taken away its most prized possession – or, perhaps more accurately, its reason for existing, as you can tell the creature has shrunk even further while shadows escape its body. It now stands only slightly taller than Iron Maiden, but doesn’t seem any more concerned by it. So much so, in fact, that when Honedge lunges itself at Muk for an Iron Head, Muk easily grabs it and Flings it as hard as possible against the wall of rubble where the Z-Crystal fell from!

Rocks fly everywhere, and a large pile of boulders come crashing down on Honedge, crushing it beneath the weight. And as a result of the impact and the subsequent cave-in, Honedge has fainted… But not everything is bad news: as a result of the small landslide, the wall behind the rubble becomes exposed! A mere glance at it, even while you struggle to focus, explains the spot of colour you saw just earlier:

There is a massive circular diagram on the wall, with numbers carved into each section on the stone, and small indentations spread around with tiny rocks of various colours inserted into each one: on closer inspection, you realize the coloured pebbles are actually identical to the twenty-sided red one you found earlier… Is this a puzzle of some sort? And why here, of all places? It would have made some sense if it had been put here to keep people away from the Poisonium-Z, but the Crystal was completely exposed while the diagram was concealed… Is there more to this cave then meets the eye?

You quickly realize, however, that dwelling on these questions will have to wait, because the Muk seems to grow even more violent now that the wall has been exposed. Iron Maiden erupts from the ground directly beneath it, putting into full effect the unique attack you taught it; spinning madly, it pierces through the gelatinous darkness and lands safely behind the impaled foe! However, before you can claim victory, the shadows once again coalesce and Muk is reborn, although not without lingering injuries, judging by its pained expression…

It belches out a vicious Acid Spray that begins to corrode Iron Maiden’s natural armour, and you can tell the fight is not over yet… You have to put Muk away for good before you can do anything else!

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