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My sincerest apologies for taking so long to update. I don’t have an excuse and should be setting a better example for my zone. It’s just hard to be motivated when you have writer’s block. I’ll try to be better in the future.

As he looked to further buff up his Pokemon, Jayson felt that there was no defense quite like a better offense. He procured a small purple sphere from his bag and tossed it to Alexander. The Nidoking caught the Life Orb and suddenly felt a surge of power flow through him. He began to flex his muscles as if they were a new toy, his innate Sheer Power channeling the immense energy generated from the orb.

With orders now issued, the Lycanrocs began to close in on their prey so Jayson’s Pokemon readied themselves for combat. Two of the wolves immediately lunged at the party with an Accelerock, one slamming into Alexander while the other went after Fenrir. Alexander didn’t seem too bothered by the hit, opting to Smartly Strike the Lycanroc in the side with a pinpoint attack. However, the young Fenrir took a much harder hit, yelping as he was knocked backward. Ajax came to his rescue, grabbing the wolf with his Vine Whip and began to rapidly sap its life force with a powerful Giga Drain. The Lycanroc glared back at Ajax with a Scary Face that made the Chesnaught think twice about getting any closer to those menacing teeth.

Fenrir got back to his feet and began to Howl to show that he wasn’t ready to back down. Alexander followed up on his target from earlier, slamming into it with a crushing Drill Run from the horn on his head. The Lycanroc was sent flying into a nearby tree trunk, being knocked out cold. The two other Lycanrocs that had yet to get in on the action and took the opportunity to target the weakest link, Fenrir. The young pup Snarled as ferociously as he could, but it did little to slow down the much larger opponents. Frustrated by his failed strategy, Fenrir began to thrash and Stomp about, and as one of the wolves Bit into him, Fenrir’s flailing Tantrum knocked it off for good damage. The other wolf held back, opting to attack from a distance with a Snarl of its own to get the attention of all three of Jayson’s Pokemon, and then followed it up with a nuisance Rock Slide. Jayson’s Pokemon had taken some hits, but the damage they dealt was much greater. The numbers had been evened now with only three Lycanroc remaining. What will Jayson do?

At long last, Jess and company had finally located the Comfey’s missing friend. However, something seemed terribly amiss with the Flabébé as it appeared to be in a heavy daze and did not respond as Comfey beckoned it. Flabébé slowly fanned the Shiinotic’s face with its flower as the tall alien-like mushroom stepped forward to see what its guests wanted.

Opting to take the diplomatic route, Jess politely asked the apparent leader of mushrooms if it would be willing to return Flabébé to them. Shiinotic stood there in silence for a moment and looked to the small pixie on its shoulder. It then started laughing, which caused the Morelull in the surrounding area to chime in with their echoing giggles once again. “Shiii…” it muttered, holding out its palm as the Flabébé hopped onto it. Shiinotic held out the Flabébé but then pointed to Comfey with its other hand. It seemed like it was quite fond of having a servant to dote on it and was not willing to give Flabébé up without Comfey taking its place.

Comfey looked both shocked and scared by the Shiinotic’s demand, and Jess and her Pokemon looked ready to object to the ridiculous request. “Shiii…” Shiinotic let out a deep sigh, as if relenting and begrudgingly held out the Flabébé towards the group. Comfey relaxed and smiled in relief, hovering over to collect her friend. “…Not!” Shiinotic suddenly exclaimed as it threw the Flabébé at Jess, distracting her by causing her to catch the small pixie in her arms while it reached out and grabbed Comfey and showered her in small glowing Spores. Comfey suddenly fell into a daze just like Flabébé was and quietly wrapped herself around Shiinotic’s neck like a wreath. The Morelull’s giggles turned into louder cackles as the group had been double crossed and Shiinotic got its wish. What will Jess do?

Amidst the bickering grass Pokemon, Isaac was intrigued by the story of what was going on and opted to offer his assistance in tracking down the thief. Figuring that taking the case would be the fastest way to calm the Pokemon down and resolve their issues, he turned to Peony and asked her about getting permission from Sunflora to search Queen Bellossom’s territory. As the gardener in charge of that quadrant of the Rose Garden, the teenage girl quickly nodded.

“That sounds like a great idea. What do you say, Sunflora?” The tall sunflower Pokemon turned to face them, pondering for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Great! And don’t worry about a thing; I’ll stick close by so that he doesn’t get lost in Queen Bellossom’s throne room!” Peony added, oblivious to the scowl on Vinny’s face. With their course now set, the group stepped down from the gazebo and headed back in the direction they came from while Petunia remained back to continue watching over the bickering flowers.

Once they were back in Bellossom’s territory, Isaac’s Pokemon began to frolic about as they took in the sights and the scents of the fragrant flowers all around them. A myriad of pastel yellows, pinks, and blues lined the flowerbeds while walls of radiant sunflowers towered behind them. “So let’s find out what was actually taken…” Peony mused as they passed a small decorative rock garden with a little miniature waterfall trickling into a pond below while a tall palm tree provided shade from above. The path forked and they headed to the right, traveling further up the path until they reached a large circular clearing.

The clearing was surrounded by beautiful sunflowers on all sides and a circular flowerbed in the center featured a colorful assortment of flowers like they had seen throughout the area. In the very middle of it all stood a small stage-like pedestal where a distraught Bellossom was being tended to by a number of Sunflora, Gloom, Oddish, and Sunkern. “Oh no, what’s wrong?” Peony asked as she walked up to the queen. Bellossom looked up and recognized Peony, sniffling as she pantomimed holding up an invisible object in her hands. Normally it would have been hard to tell what she was gesturing, but fortunately Peony was able to tell right away.

“It looks like her favorite microphone has been taken,” Peony began as Bellossom started nervously twirling about her platform. “And I think she has a performance scheduled for today. We better hurry and look for clues.” There were a number of places to look about Bellossom’s territory and various Pokemon Isaac and friends could question. Once they were finished investigating, it might be best to head north into Queen Roserade’s territory next, to see what’s missing there. What will Isaac do?

Missingno. Master:
Things were getting down to the wire as both sides were left with only two remaining Pokemon each; one flag-keeper and one attacker. Madoka smiled softly as she returned Lulu to her Pokeball, whispering praise for the fallen Lycanroc. Terri did the same with her Shedinja, and the two trainers prepared for what could be the final round of this action-packed trial challenge. With their orders settled, both the Lunatone and Swoobat prepared to make their advances on the opposing Medicham and Carbink.

Tsuki the Lunatone hovered down toward Observe the Medicham, who was guarding his flag with anticipation. Observe’s body suddenly glowed a soft aura as a Hidden Power coursed through his body. A number of dark orbs appeared around Observe, and the Medicham fired them off at Tsuki. At such a close distance, all the Lunatone could do to react was harness the Cosmic Power of the moon to raise its defenses and shield itself from the super effective attack.

Meanwhile, Shishi the Carbink stared up at Luna as the Swoobat swooped in to attack. Luna released a screeching Supersonic that hit the Carbink at point-blank, completely disorienting it in the process. Luna looked for an opportunity to strike and take the flag, but it was going to be difficult to squeeze a way in between the rock type’s round body and the Reflective barrier that was still in effect. Luna fired off another Stored Power which slammed into the Carbink for tremendous damage. With Shishi knocked to the side, Luna seized the opportunity to strike. However, Shishi had begun to Flail about wildly, catching the Swoobat off guard and at a stalemate.

Shaking off the effects of the super effective Hidden Power, Tsuki suddenly began to glow and released the power of the moon in a blinding Moonblast. Observe was sent flying backwards into the pillar of the Torii gate, writhing from the super effective damage. He could only watch helplessly as the Lunatone hovered down closer and closer to the flag on the ground. However, not all was lost as Luna suddenly telepathically Assured her teammate of their victory. By the time Tsuki reached the flag, Luna had already knocked Shishi back and taken the prize. The match was over.

“Whew!” Madoka let out a long sigh that had a mixture of both disappointment and fulfillment in it. “That was the closest match I’ve ever had!” Madoka recalled her Pokemon and stepped forward to meet with Terri. “Here,” she said while holding out her hand, “It’s my loss. You pushed my Pokemon further than anyone has ever done before, good job!” Terri was then handed a small badge as well as a silvery disc. “You’re welcome to stay the rest of the night and get a fresh start out in the morning if you wish.” There were a number of options for Terri and her Pokemon. She could either stay here and continue to explore the Stone Shrine, or maybe look elsewhere to other parts of the Cloud Garden and either explore those areas or look for more trial challenges. What will she do?

Terri has received the following items:
• Stone Shrine Badge
• TM Stealth Rock x1

Luna gained 4 levels!
Observe gained 3 levels!
Vanish gained 2 levels!
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