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134: Fighting wasn't your strong suit, and although you were trying, your Pokemon were basically carrying you like the scrublord casual that you were. No wonder Kai found you so damn exhausting! Thankfully 'Uhane did as expected, taking flight into the air and waiting for its moment to strike. It was waiting for its teammate, who was executing its own orders.

The water-type's tail seemed to shine in a way that was almost metallic, the bone within it hardening so that when it rushed forward, it slammed the poison-type with some severe power. However, that wasn't the end of it. With every brace and bound, Kai's paws and claws had been alight with white, leaving pretty pools in their wake-- ones that made the ground shake. Her Hidden Power had coursed through the earth, quaking beneath Mareanie – and likely radiating to Crawdaunt, too, given that you could feel faint tremors – and striking effectively. It made up for where Iron Tail was weak against the bigger threat.

Satisfied that it was safe, 'Uhane came down for the killing blow, breaking through a second set of swift that Crawdaunt had shot through its pincers. The Dartrix had brutally knocked out its target, gaining four levels in the process and one for Kai, but that seemed to be all that the bird had left. The toxins flowing through had the Dartrix flopping off its claws in a slump, breathing ragged and altogether weary. Unless you healed 'Uhane, it was time for a withdrawal or a switch. “Return, Crawdaunt.” The cultist snarled, recalling their charge in a beam of red. You wanted this to end and so did they, and they weren't making it easy.

“Mareanie, use toxic on that Vaporeon and venoshock. Let's put them down.”

What do you do?
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