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King Ghidorah- With Ponyta now exhausted, you put her to use one last time, creating a makeshift torch out of a few dried out branches. As the fire crackles to life, you recall Ponyta so that she may recover from her efforts. Luckily you still have a notable mount at hand, Onix lowers her head down so that you can climb on. Grasping her crest tightly with one hand and brandishing the torch with the other, you urge the giant rock snake to pursue the remaining two Salandit.

The torch does quite well at illuminating your surroundings. It isn't long before the Salandit are in sight again and Onix lets out a roar as she desperately attempts to close the gap. The slippery reptiles weave the wheelbarrow through a pile of boulders that lay haphazardly in the middle of the tunnel. As the wheelbarrow clears the boulders, one of the Salandits comes to a stop. Grabbing a hold of one of the small boulders, the Salandit rolls it back down the tunnel towards Onix. As it rolls the boulder seems to awaken, sprouting two arms and an angry scowl. This wasn't a boulder, it was a Geodude! The awakened Geodude slams its fists into the ground, triggering a tremor that shakes the entire tunnel, damaging Onix in the process. You're almost thrown off Onix but thankfully the tremor is only of low magnitude. It appears you aren't the only thing that has been shaken however, as you hear screeches echo through the cave. A trio of Zubat flap around violently, displeased about being awakened so abruptly. The Salandit bares its teeth in a sinister smile, its plan worked better than expected. It now had the assistance of a Geodude and three Zubat, giving it the clear numbers advantage against your Onix.
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